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convo between Virgo male and leo female dating?

*eating at a fancy restaurant*
Virgo: this pasta is really good
Leo: heck yeah it is
Virgo: Leo.. Leo what are you doing?
Leo: I finished my food! Now I’m drawing a lion in the sauce my fork :3
Virgo: this is a five star restaurant!
Leo: his name is Timmy! :D


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Convo between male Virgo and female Cancer in a relationship?

cancer: ur cute

virgo: *gets red* ur butt is cute


…don’t confront you about every small thing you do to them. If you did it, you must not care, so why would they.

…the key to winning a Virgos heart is making them feel like a priority.

…when a Virgo woman cries that means things can be made up, when the tears stop is when you should be worried.

…can tell by one conversation if they like you or not.

…when their really into you, they do like PDA, just don’t get too carried away.

…can find at least one good thing about everyone.

…it drives them crazy to not understand why someone did something.

…like to keep their private life private. What you know about them is usually what they want you to know.

…arnt jealous people. They just hate to feel disrespected.

…could be so hurt and no one would ever know.

…can be very patient, we realize great things are worth waiting for.

…are naturally Introverted and only really open up to the closest to them.


Aries // Clyde Barrow: Bank robber and murderer who committed crimes with his girlfriend, Bonnie Parker.

Taurus // Albert Fish: Sadistic cannibal, rapist, and murderer of children.

Gemini // Jeffrey Dahmer: Also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, he was an American cannibal and necrophiliac rapist and murderer.

Cancer // Lizzie Borden: Rich American woman who bludgeoned her step-mother to death, and axed her parents to death.

Leo // Elizabeth Báthory: Most infamous female serial killer, her final victim count was around 650. Rumored to bath in blood of female virgins.

Virgo // Albert DeSalvo: The “Boston Strangler” who raped and strangled thirteen females. He tortured animals as a child.

Libra // Bonnie Parker: Other half of the infamous Bonnie and Clyde murderer/thief duo.

Scorpio // David Parker Ray: Also known as the Toy Box Killer, he sexually tortured and later murdered as many as 60 women.

Sagittarius // Ted Bundy: Prolific serial killer, rapist, kidnapper. Decapitated at least 10 of his victims and performed sexual acts on their dead bodies.

Capricorn // Israel Keyes: American serial killer, rapist, thief, and arsonist who was captured in 2012.

Aquarius // Gary Ridgway: Vietnam veteran who killed at least 48 people and dumped their bodies in the Green River.

Pisces // John Wayne Gacy: Torturer, rapist, murderer, and necrophiliac of over 33 teenage boys and adult men. Also known as the Killer Clown, he had a job as a clown at birthday parties

Feminist goals for the signs

Aries: more women in sports

Taurus: No more “go back to the kitchen” jokes

Gemini: End of rape culture

Cancer: An end to “your mom” jokes

Leo: Empowerment 

Virgo: Proper menstrual care for all women who need it

Libra: Trans and POC inclusion

Scorpio: Sexual Liberation

Sagittarius: Sexist celebrities losing fame

Capricorn: Financial independence

Aquarius: No more Meninism

Pisces: Care for men who have been sexually abused


The Signs as Female Rappers:
  • Aries:Azealia Banks
  • Taurus:M.I.A.
  • Gemini:Left-Eye
  • Cancer:Foxy Brown
  • Leo:Nicki Minaj
  • Virgo:The Lady of Rage
  • Libra:Honey Cocaine
  • Scorpio:Missy Elliott
  • Sagittarius:Lil' Kim
  • Capricorn:Eve
  • Aquarius:Brooke Candy
  • Pisces:Lauryn Hill
The Signs as Female Celebrities

Aries - Miley Cyrus

Taurus - Cameron Diaz

Gemini - Katy Perry

Cancer - Carrie Underwood

Leo - Megan Fox

Virgo - Beyonce 

Libra - Angelina Jolie 

Scorpio - Kristen Stewart 

Sagittarius - Emma Stone

Capricorn - Emma Watson

Aquarius - Jennifer Lawrence 

Pisces - Ariana Grande 

The signs as female celebrities  (for real)

Gemini: Marilyn Monroe

Libra: Kim Kardashian

Virgo: Beyonce

Capricorn: Hayley Williams 

Sagittarius: Nicki Minaj

Aries: Lady Gaga

Aquarius: Ellen DeGeneres 

Scorpio: Kendall Jenner

Leo: Jennifer Lawrence 

Cancer: Lindsay Lohan

Taurus: Megan Fox

Pisces: Kesha

Classic Rock Girlfriends for the Signs

Aries: Aretha Franklin
Taurus: Joan Jett
Gemini: Nico
Cancer: Nancy Wilson
Leo: Dusty Springfield
Virgo: Janis Joplin
Libra: Stevie Nicks
Scorpio: Debbie Harry
Sagittarius: Michelle Phillips
Capricorn: Linda Ronstadt 
Aquarius: Joni Mitchell
Pisces: Grace Slick

Astrology Besties

Gemini, Capricorn, Scorpio~

Taurus, Sagittarius, Pisces~

Leo and Virgo~

Taurus and Cancer~

Aquarius and Sagittarius~

Aries and Aries~

Capricorn and Leo~

Sagittarius and Libra~

Gemini and Scorpio~

Libra and Aries~

Capricorn, Aquarius and Leo~

Virgo and Pisces~

Cancer and Cancer~

Aquarius, Libra, Capricorn, and Leo~

Sagittarius, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, and Aries~

Zodiac Signs and Ladies Hairstyles :p

Aries- Big and bold curls

Taurus-  layers

Gemini- always changing the style and color of their hair

Cancer- bun

Leo- something over the top like a flamboyant, perfect wig, some nice quality extensions, or just big hair

Virgo- braids

Libra- short/medium classy cut and might do a lot with hair clips and accessories

Scorpio- dark colors such as black, dark brown, and reds are popular with this sign and daring hair cuts like a bob or pixie cut

Sagittarius- sporty pony tail

Capricorn- just letting their hair be

Aquarius- crazy hair styles and colors

Pisces- wavy hair

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HELP. I think i might have driven away someone really special to me . She's a virgo female. Advice? Help me to understand her. I am lost and stubborn. Pointers? How can i win her back? Please. I'm losing it

Oh boy this is a tough one. Once you drive away a Virgo, it is VERY unlikely she will come back.  Once they feel betrayed or annoyed, they will hold a grudge until the end of time.  

The fact that you are reaching out to understand her rather than to prove that you’re right is already a step in the right direction though.  Also, if you want her back, there is no you being right, because Virgo needs to be right (or else).  Virgos are blunt and appreciate truth since they are quite oblivious to any hints you may be throwing her way.  Virgos are very misunderstand and easily misinterpret situations.  They are very paranoid people so raising your voice even a little bit will make her feel attacked.

My advice would be to find a time to really sit down and talk and be 100% honest.  When she starts to raise her voice, stay calm.  Also, take her seriously, don’t take anything she says when she’s mad like a joke.  Tell her exactly how you feel and what you did wrong (if anything) and if you think she did something wrong, don’t flat out tell her.  They never think they’re wrong. Try simply asking her if she could explain her opinion to you.  Virgos love expressing their opinions and teaching others, so this will probably be the most likely way that she will express any sort of emotion.  She will probably try to dismiss the situation, so make sure not to just tell her that you care about her, SHOW her.  Good luck<33