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I just had one of the weirdest dreams of my entire life and it involved a shirtless Roy Mustang with his chest covered in glitter, and whenever he walked in the room the saxophone part from Careless Whisper started playing

Leonardo da Vinci, Salvator Mundi, 1500

This painting by da Vinci, recently attributed to him after extensive restoration, is a rare and (I think) beautiful example of his outstanding talent as a painter. A little detail in this work that I find particularly interesting is da Vinci’s inclusion of what art historians have called “Leonardo’s Knots.” Żygulsky identifies three distinct types of knot motifs used repeatedly by da Vinci, including “double loops in figure-of-eight form repeated in an endless system” (1). A similar design is visible in the the three flourishes beneath the oval-shaped stone and semi-circular surrounding band at the centre of Christ’s chest. da Vinci used the same lemniscate-shaped knots in the black band on the collar of Cecilia Gallerani’s dress in Lady with an Ermine from 1489-1490 (2). The symmetrical gold design on Christ’s blue robe is also similar to the gold on red banding in Lady with an Ermine, the geometric designs on the angel’s sleeve in the National Gallery Virgin of the Rocks (between 1491 and 1508), and along the collar of the Mona Lisa (1503-1506). 

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Hello there! If it's not too much trouble, could you recommend any current tv shows with Christian characters who aren't reduced to crude stereotypes or out-and-out clowns? I'd REALLY appreciate it :)

Hey! I can think of a few but it’s very rare to find Christian characters on television who aren’t terrible people or absolute imbeciles. Jane on Jane the Virgin is an all around lovely, strong, Catholic Latina woman whose faith is treated in a dynamic way the the writers. Crazy Ex Girlfriend is a musical comedy that actually knows how to write religious characters who aren’t stereotypes. Rebecca is Jewish and while she pokes fun at that it’s obviously a part of her identity and Josh is a practicing Catholic who has some very honest, very funny conversations with his priest, the basketball playing “Father Brah”.  Shepherd Book from the sci-fi adventure series Firefly is a pastor who travels on board a ship filled with criminals and runaways, and he’s a solid moral center for the rag tag family while also having a dark past which well aquatints him with the grey moral areas between justice, crime, and heroism. 

Those are the only characters I can think of that fall under the parameters listed, but I want to bring up two honorable mentions. Agent Cooper from the soapy paranormal murder mystery Twin Peaks is an FBI agent, not a religious leader, but as I’ve argued before, he very much embodies the archetype of the priest, if you want to have some fun and read him that way. Finally, I can’t not mention Kenneth Parcell from 30 Rock. He’s an absurdly over the top character (like all characters on 30  Rock) who does embody a lot of backwoods Bible believer steryotypes but he’s still a thoroughly kind, honest, hopeful person, and maybe…an angel? It’s vv unclear. But he’s hard not to love. 

Feel free to jump in the comments with your favorite TV Christians, or even people of faith more generally!


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((Sooo this is just a little life-update. My laptop is still broken, but my roommate Nathan has been letting me use his while he’s at work. And I got fired. And I’ve applied for Employment Insurance. And I’ve been watching a lot of Jane The Virgin and rocking back and forth while muttering to myself. But I have an interview at a store tomorrow! And I may well be moving. So things are a bit scattered on my end at the moment, so I want to apologize for being so absent. I’m planning on doing more RP stuff once my life is a bit more stable! To the people who’ve been asking where I am and when I’m going to play Molly again, I promise, the time is very nearly upon us.  :} ))

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Algun playlist para perder la virginidad?

Número uno: Like a virgin - Madonna. 

Número dos: Rock me - One direction. 

Número tres: Love is a bitch - Two feet (fuera de webeo, esta la usaría xD)

Punk-Rock Princess

Author: KlainebowsAndDramioneflies

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count: 11,589

Summary:  Blaine Anderson has just started teaching Senior English at McKinley High. He’d spent four years at OSU getting his undergrad, then went to Columbia for his graduate studies for two years straight after that. It might not have left much time for a social life, but Blaine is successful and proud. And he’s confident- until he meets Kurt Hummel, his student with a mission to break down all of Blaine’s carefully constructed walls. This year… This year is going to be very challenging for Mr. Blaine Anderson…

Tropes/Genre: teacher!Blaine, age!gap, skank!Kurt, virgin!Blaine, romance

Lynne’s review: Kindred spirits coming together, regardless of a small age gap. Cool long one-shot.

Read at: AO3 or Tumblr