Old French Fairy Tales. Comtesse de Segur [Sophie Rostopchine]. Illustrated by Virginia Frances Sterrett. Philadelphia, The Penn Publishing Co., 1920.

“Blondine slept profoundly, and on awaking she found herself entirely changed. Indeed, it seemed to her she could not be the same person. She was much taller, her intellect was developed, her knowledge enlarged. She remembered a number of books she thought she had read during her sleep. She was sure she had been writing, drawing, singing and playing on the piano and harp.”

@surrealsylph said: Agreed, I think mostly because it’s such a compelling art style, not just by Mucha himself of course. The whole era was enthralling. Good luck with that though, can’t wait to see. :>

Oh, it absolutely is!! I love Art Nouveau, and I love Mucha. But as I’ve talked a bit about before, actually really dig Scottish Art Nouveau.

It’s a bit more linear than Mucha and French Art Nouveau.

(Frances MacDonald (nee MacNair))

(Frances MacDonald (nee MacNair))

(Frances MacDonald (nee MacNair))

(Jessie M. King-  this one’s framed on my wall!)

(Annie Urquhart)

American Art Nouveau Artists are also wonderful!

(Virginia Francess Sterrett)

I really love the delicacy of the lines and really fine, dainty gestures. The same things that attract me to Shoujo manga, to be honest! Of course I love Mucha, but I really like these variations of Art Nouveau. ;v;