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You live in Maryland right? I live here and I love architecture and there are some buildings that are more on the modern side (some libraries + airports are really nice) but I feel like 80% of Maryland is just old red brick and it just a bit depressing tbh

Actually I am in Northern Virginia but the same comment applies to this area. We live in a fairly traditional area of the country in terms of architecture, anchored by the Neoclassical architecture of the federal buildings in the District. If you want to blame someone for the red brick with white trim architecture blame Thomas Jefferson, some of his projects included below.

You can see a post regarding Maryland’s architecture here which includes a couple of modernist projects (not libraries or airports).

University of Virginia Rotunda

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Gallery: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church / Virginia State Capitol Building

Richmond, VA | September 16, 2013

St. Paul’s is a majestic space. People visit to see some of the oldest Tiffany stained glass windows. The sanctuary is visually striking, most notably with the pendant on the ceiling and the organ on the second floor.

The State Capitol building is a mix of functional office and meeting space and a full blown museum. The statue of George Washington is said to be the only one in existence that is full size (it was the only one he actually sat for) and at one point the second floor of the Capitol collapsed on the second, killing many and prompting the reconstruction of the Capitol Building.