From Gardens Where We Feel Secure
Virginia Astley
From Gardens Where We Feel Secure

“From Gardens Where We Feel Secure” // Virginia Astley // From Gardens Where We Feel Secure

Of no relation to a certain, ahem, other musician, Virginia Astley’s debut is like reminiscing over those little memories of holidays in the countryside, except it’s all of them over vast geographical distance rolled into one utopian dreamscape in some secluded corner of your mind.



Tender 12" Mix
Virginia Astley
Tender 12" Mix

Every grain of truth
Has long since blown to dust
Your heart of gold lies bleeding
Broken by his trust

Oh surrender all
The flame that burnt has died
Oh surrender all
This pain is hard to bear
I’ll no longer live
When you no longer care

The rain will rain my life’s the same
What can I say, what can I say?

Oh surrender all
There’s no pleasure in pain
The only sense I feel
Is guilt from all the blame

Your tender heart shall hurt again
What can I say, what can I say?

Darkness Has Reached It's End
Virginia Astley
Darkness Has Reached It's End
Track: Darkness Has Reached It's End
Artist: Virginia Astley
Album: Hope In A Darkened Heart

The gentle quietly they go
The tender, kind and bold
The child, the child he has grown
What was warm now lies cold

And hope hides in the heart
No man can learn their song
As clear as this evening light
With eternal hope you long

But faith and truth and love and strength
Once dwelt within your soul
And rivers run as crystal falls
And who is able to stand?

Standing alone
Your heart's as cold as ice
Your hand is shielding the light
As you search for the meaning of life

And light shall shine from the stars
And rain will fall on this earth
And sorrow shall pour in my heart
As the flowers appear on earth
The darkness has reached its end I'm told
And love is stronger than hate
Iron it rusts as stone decays
And force shall always

Wipe away the tears from your eyes
For love is stronger than
I have hurt my friends I know
And who shall catch their fall

Faithful and true
Hope pure as crystal
And sorrow shall pour from my heart
As the flowers appear on earth

And light shall shine from the stars
And rain will fall on this earth
To you wherever you are
Our love is stronger through pain

So hope faithful and true
So pure, clear as crystal
And sorrow shall pour in my heart
As the flowers appear on earth 
It's Too Hot To Sleep
Virginia Astley
It's Too Hot To Sleep

“From gardens where we feel secure..”

As I posted this everywhere else, I tought I would post it here too, ‘cause all in all, this is the best place for this little piece of magic.

Just sharing Virginia Astley’s wonderful 'It’s Too Hot To Sleep’, so that, if you listen to it, you’ll  be brought back to peaceful summer evenings, when light is fading and temperature’s finally getting cooler after a really hot day.

Enjoying yourself out there, while everything seems to be getting quiet, everything but the little creatures, that eventually come to life.

Maybe I’m writting too much. I just love this song, I love it too much. Hope you like it too.

Virginia Astley

From Garden’s Where We Feel Secure

@1983 UK Pressing


Occasionally fancy us dig up those bones long hidden in the damp earth of the rear yard. To return to nibble it. There are bones that do not lose their flavor, long to remain buried. Today surfaced a record called From Gardens Where We Feel Secure Virginia Astley first job. That whom they named the rose Inglês. 

Published in 1983, From Gardens Where We Feel Secure is the soundtrack of a summer day, the childhood memories of a day spent in the field, from morning until evening. A piece of classical structure based on piano and flute and attended by sounds of nature, birds, church bells and all sorts of country sounds that recreate the ambience of a bucolic picnic in the countryside Inglês. Virginia Astley, classically trained composer, flutist, keyboardist and soprano, founded the Pastoralia gender, whose influence would reach as far away as The Orb or Ultramarine (the authors of the magnificent United Kingdoms). A genre where music has a happy encounter with poetry. 

Astley tilled the surrounding low profile and is an impenetrable reserve. Averse to public exposure and the pop universe, Astley ever published by small publishers and unknown. Produce two more albums of his own and, through their professional connection to Ryuichi Sakamoto, would collaborate with David Sylvian for a duet song in Some Small Hope. Still appear as consultant jobs Anna Domino, Martin Stephenson and Pete Townshend (The Who leader), his brother. In 1987, Virginia definitively abandon his artistic career to devote himself exclusively to the education of her daughter Florence, as a single mother. Would make a single appearance after that in the mid-90s, alongside Kate St. John (who was part of the Dream Academy) and Roger Eno (yes, the brother of Brian Peter George St. John Baptiste de la Salle Eno) to curiously in Portugal. Then nothing more. 

Until very recently almost impossible to acquire rarity, From Gardens Where We Feel Secure was recently reissued by Rough Trade, on the 25th. anniversary of this label. This reissue (2003) has a new cover, the fact that you have lost the original disc artwork. The charm of the music remains. And your happy with poetry gathering happens.