virginia street

concept: everyone in adam’s dorm thinks he’s a witch

so, like, everyone knows there’s something odd about that parrish guy. he’s smart as hell and charming and sweet and also snarky and hilarious…but he has secrets. and not just the boyfriend back in virginia (who’s a catholic, street-racing farmer with a kid???) who no one can agree exists or not (there’s a whole betting pool on it). no, something’s strange with adam parrish. he knows things. weird things. like when it’s going to rain or when a professor’s going to cancel class or when the machine in the dining hall is out of ice cream. also, he’s freakishly great with plants (this one guy likes to tell this story of a rosebush flowering when he touched it but he could’ve just been high) and animals (stray dogs tend to follow him around campus a lot). he casually tells a bunch of girls he’ll do tarot readings for them once at a party and everyone assumes it’s just for fun, but everything comes true, in some form or fashion. so after that, there’s usually a small cluster of people waiting outside his door when he gets back from class to see how they’re going to do on that quiz or how that date’s going to go or if they should take that internship or forgive that relative or rekindle that friendship. so word starts going around that there’s something not quite normal about adam parrish. something unexplainable. something mystical. something witchy. he gets invited to join the campus wiccan club numerous times and he always politely declines. he doesn’t charge anything for the readings but people drop off small gifts anyway: baked goods and handmade jewellery and potted herbs and thank you notes. he gains a modest, devoted following. he answers questions on a facebook group in his spare time. obviously there are skeptics but no one really pays too much attention to a kid giving ‘psychic’ advice in his dorm room. it’s college. weirder shit happens all the time.

finally his roommate has to ask one day, as tactfully as possible, pretending he’s not actually buying into any ridiculous campus rumours: “…so are you or aren’t you?” and adam just looks up at him, distracted, and says, “what, bi? obviously. i have a boyfriend.” and his roommate is just like, “…never mind.” 

adam honestly kind of likes being ~cool and ~mysterious and well-known and he likes helping people out and being appreciated for his ~special talents even if he thought all he wanted was to fit in and fly under the radar and be normal. blue tells him he couldn’t be normal if he tried; gansey’s proud; ronan’s smug.

so people speculate for a while and never get any real answers about it and eventually they just accept his uncanny intuition as one of the quirks of the campus. UNTIL that one time ronan comes up to visit with a black cat trailing behind him that goes straight to adam when he sees him and a raven on his shoulder and an icy glare that seems like it could put a curse on anyone it falls on and everyone is intimidated and in awe because 1. the boyfriend is real, 2. they’re both actual witches, and 3. damn, they’re really fucking hot together