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Virginia Olsen loose mineral eyeshadow swatches

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As much as possible I wanted this day to be as productive as it can be even though I knew that I had been knocked down with colds and I was on a leave with my work. It seems like it ‘cause I had replied a couple of unanswered TA’s and checked out my new followers for that matter *wink* By the way, the end of July has been fast approaching and I was still on the hype of my new work, everyday was just different. Almost one month had passed and I’m still learning the work and discovering a bit more about myself including commuting and all.

I know I had blogged a few post back some bits of my life and this time I want to share something about makeup. That’s why it’s Makeup and Phrases, right? Uh-uh. So, I kind of join a giveaway that was hosted by Kim of and I won some loose mineral eyeshadows from Virginia Olsen. I have heard a lot about this brand and I was familiar with it because I owned one which I could remember its name was Plum. Its color pay off was good and the glitters really make my lids pop especially with a primer and I knew these babies will never disappoint me. So shall I break 'em down?

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This is my favorite among the three. The glitters are amazing as I expect it to be and the texture of the eyeshadow is smooth which made it easy to apply on the lid in a patting motion. The color pay off as well is great and it is still buildable depending on your liking. It has a strong green base color with silvery streaks and is highly pigmented.

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So far this is my first matte loose mineral eyeshadow and to say, it was just like the same as the panned ones. The only thing that I need to be mindful of is to shake off the excess in my brush before I apply it directly on my lids. Forest is a light green yellowish tone eyeshadow that is good for brown eyed girls.

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Spring on the other hand is more of a blue-green tone eyeshadow that appears more bluish when applied. This one also looks best with brown eyes which will make it pop the color best. Below are the swatches of the eyeshadows when applied on my skin, note: without primer.

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I am giddy to make a look using the three and actually I can picture out on my mind what to use for what, basta I knew there’s a makeup tutorial slash chart coming. For now I’m still grateful receiving and adding them in my collection. My best friend Arck is a happy bee as well when I shared to him another three of these babies. Thanks Kim and more power to your blog, sissy! *love*

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Virginia Olsen. The product had been sent for personal usage. The comments and opinions are the rights of the blogger herself in an honest way.

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Mary Kate Olsen & Virginia - Winning their Modified Adult jumper class at WEF 📷 pc The Book LLC

Yep - I’m gonna rant a little. For everyone that was freaking out about Mary Kate in previous pictures, here she is on a different mount at WEF, with a loose ring snaffle, holding the reins in a traditional manner - winning her class (without a hair out of place). Congrats to her!

You can’t ride all the horses the same. Kudos to her.

(Wonder if this image will draw just as much attention from all those who “know it all”)

Makeup Look: Throwback Thursday

While others took their makeup inspirations from magazine covers, music videos or re-create looks done by famous gurus, I get inspired on my very own masterpiece, …

…just like this one:

Do not judge. I defy you to admit you’ve also drawn something similar to this when you were young. I did this few minutes ago, some things really never change huh?! LOL Okay let’s put it this way, I get inspired from the most unusual things.

Me and my sister were having the “Throwback Thursday” conversation on that very day, the topic as usual was the crazy antics we have done during milk teeth years. Here’s one, we used to have a playroom (yes, playroom with REAL toys :p) in our house before and its walls were our huge canvass. Drawings and doodles using mediums from crayons to nail polishes will greet you once you enter that epic room. 

Sometimes we’re a landscape artist (results are similar to the one above), sometimes we do poses for each other for figure drawing (very ambitious, I know) and sometimes we stick some stickers and declare a “first one who can remove the stickers completely will have the bragging rights throughout the afternoon” contest. EPIC!!! ☺

Okay, stop with the blabbing, can you see the resemblance? Let me know what you think of this look by commenting below.

Base: NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

All Eye Shadows: 88 Matte Palette

Eyeliner: Virginia Olsen Eye Shadow in Blackstar Blue

Mascara: Maybelline Magnum Volum’ Express Super Film Mascara

What’s your most epic childhood memory?
xx, Kim 

P.S. Here’s a picture inside the epic room - where this duo (and their friends) explored the magical worlds together. Too bad we forgot to take pictures of the walls before the whole room was re-painted. #throwbackthursday

P.P.S. I still have that doll in my closet, always the special one! ☺