virginia jordan

southeastern virginia gothic
  • there isnt a day that goes past that you dont pass by a person in a navy uniform. no one ever seems questions why the uniforms are a century out of date.
  • old houses line the streets in various states of disuse. sometimes, out of the corner of your eye, you see women dressed in blood stained white aprons standing in the windows. when you turn your head, theres nothing.
  • you are in the wal-mart parking lot, packing away bags, when teenage boys streak past in their rusty pick-up, the red, white, and blue of the confederate flag waving frantically in the wind. you notice the rifles in their truck and pack faster.
  • you can hardly drive a mile without passing by a church. there is always a cheerfully bright 7-11 in between them, with blank faced and blank eyed customers filling their cars or sipping on slurpees.
  • at night, when you are trying to sleep, you hear the sound of a train on tracks. you once looked up how far the sound of a train is supposed to travel and find it to be 3 miles. you live 10 away from the closest set of tracks.
  • in the summer, there are people on the roadside selling homegrown fruits and vegetables out of the backs of their trucks. you notice their dark, hungry looks and drive faster.
  • you go to the boardwalk, once and only once. it had been a good until you noticed that not every one who went into the water came back out. you ask a girl in bright clothes what the floating things are. she smiles and says “oh, those are just weeds. nothing to worry about.” you leave immediately and never come back.
  • day after day, jets fly overhead. they shake everything; your house, the windows, your very bones. you spend a whole, cloudless day watching for it, only for it to never appear. though its not there, the hum rattles your bones enough for one to fracture. you no longer question it.
underground/unknown bands masterpost

ok i wanted to make a masterpost of bands i don’t see tumblr talking about often that deserve attention, feel free to add ur own

future sunsets

genre: pop rock

from: california, usa

members: david michael frank (vocals/guitar), jose mostajo (guitar)


rozwell kid

genre: alternative rock

from: west virginia, usa

members: jordan hudkins (vocals/guitar), adam l meisterhans (guitar), devin donnelly (bass), sean halock (drums)


the academic

genre: indie 

from: mullingar, ireland

members: craig fitzgerald (vocals/guitar), matt murtagh (guitar), stephen murtagh (bass), dean gavin (drums)


hippo campus

genre: indie 

from: minnesota, usa

members: jake luppen (vocals/guitar), nathan stocker (guitar), zach sutton (bass), whistler allen (drums)


swimmers (fka emily’s army)

genre: beach pop

from: california, usa

members: cole becker (vocals/guitar), max becker (vocals/guitar), seb mueller (bass), joey armstrong (drums)


Dune - Visually arresting, but convoluted and dull

One that was eagerly anticipated by me and my friends in the months leading up to its release. I was a big sci fi reader at the time, and I actually slogged through this pretentious book with forced enthusiasm based on the rave reviews from friends. I figured with David Lynch at the helm (I had recently seen ‘The Elephant Man’ and was pretty impressed with his credentials, although this was before I saw 'Eraserhead’) and a huge special effects budget, that this had a pretty good chance of being a huge movie event of the year. It had its moments of weird beauty (the scenes on the 'Harkonnen planet’ were creepily fun), but for the most part the movie was a huge mess, overlong, and with a lot of goofy voiceovers and confusing overabundance of backstory. Not sure if this is Lynch’s fault, or studio meddling, or (excuse the heresy) the fault of a bloated self-important book that is immune from a decent adaptation. Probably in the running for one of the worst films of the eighties.

1.5 stars out of 5

Released 1984, First Viewing December 1984