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725: Mothman

Hi pumpkins! For this week I’m gonna try something little different, focusing on only one cryptid but as part of each day, I’ll listen to a song and let that shape my view on the cryptid. Feel free to suggest a song, love new music~

This one is Red Skies by The Fixx! Suggested by @cryptidclub

Link To The Song!

769: Mothman

It’s really no surprise they’re mentioned so often, gotta be the eyes and a certain lack of humanity in its behavior. It sometimes scares me a little…

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Zone of Fear

731: Mothman

Last but not least, we have “Lost in the Night” by THBD, giving this soothing baseline that felt as if the night sky is holding my hand as I roam the forest. Was the mothman divine in nature? Mutation? We probably will never know.

Requested by Anonymous

This was was a whole lot of fun!! If you enjoyed this little experiment, message me about other crypts you’d like warped by music and maybe we can get it back and running in the near future~

The Actual Song~

729: Mothman

Getting a little more supernatural with this bucko! This soothing jam is “all i need is some sunshine” by timber timbre. If you read closer into some mothman reports, you see a growing quantity of “demonic” apparitions resembling the creature, raising even more questions on what we really are dealing with here.

Requested by: beetlewood

Great Songs Every Time, Thank You So Much!