Commentary: Seeing violence live is a reality for too many kids

The difference between the shooting in Virginia and every other act of gun violence is that the Internet had to see the fear on a woman’s face as she realized she was about to die.

Chicago alone has more than 2,000 shootings a year. Go to a crime scene and ask kids if they have seen someone shot. And the answer will be, “Well, the first time …” What the Internet is going through right now is almost a rite of passage for kids in urban areas.

Kids see the “Oh s—” look on someone’s face right before they get shot. And the video doesn’t cut off. They hear the gunfire, see the body, see the police, see how the family reacts. Soaking it all up. And we wonder why a percentage of kids end up violent or starving for adult attention when they have to internalize all that anger and grief that the Internet, collectively, felt Wednesday.

Kids in urban areas don’t have the option to turn off social media if they don’t want to see violence. They can’t just say, “I’m going to stay off Twitter.”

For them, it’s real life, not a video on the Internet. It’s a relative who was shot or beaten or stabbed. Or worse, it was them.

Let me understand how the bastard that kill those people look anything like this innocent man on the right? I’ll wait. That kind of “mistake ” by the media is dangerous. The same media that originally said the shooter was White. Yea, that media.

A hate crime is a traditional offense like murder, arson, or vandalism with an added element of bias. For the purposes of collecting statistics, Congress has defined a hate crime as a “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in WHOLE OR IN PART by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.”

–Now tell me that the shooting in Virginia was not a hate crime.

The problem of violence

The problem of violence with firearms is once again in the spotlight after two journalists were killed in Virginia.
Such cases have become too frequent. There is no law that would put an end to this. However, our government might take some steps that would materially lessen the level of gun violence in the United States.
According to recent figures, almost 250 cases of mass shooting were committed in the US this year.
Congress granted absolute immunity to only one industry - manufacturers of firearms. Nobody judges them, even if they directly sell weapons to criminals. Profit of these companies increases after every mass shooting.
This tragedy shows that people in American society are afraid of each other, they do not feel safe. The issue of control over the circulation of weapons, of course, will be discussed in view of recent events. However, the problem is obviously lies much deeper. There are many countries in the world where people are also armed to the teeth; but they have no desire to kill each other. And there are no mass executions, which we regularly see in the United States.

Mainstream media is showing this shooter as white! And some media are talking like he is black! Is the media not en showing us the real person that actually did this? If he was revenging blacks shouldn’t he be black then? Or am I lost… I mean Roof was white I understand that he killed blacks, so shouldn’t this guy be black then? 

Another opinion:

Fake! Shooter stands 5 feet from them with the gun drawn for a good 18-20 seconds **with the gun drawn, pointed at them for a few seconds** then starts shooting once the cameraman pans back over to the reporter to catch the live shot.
And as mentioned above the fiancé tweets her death 10-13 minutes BEFORE the shooting.
Keep eating it up folks… 

All this is, is to further the gun control agenda. This is a false flag. The fiancee of the reporter even tweeted about her death 10 minutes before it happened.

#Hate it!

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Wow my post really blew up last night.

I’m glad that a discussion is being had about the tragedy that happened. It was clearly a hate crime. It makes me sad that the majority of tumblr users cannot see that but surprising, a large number did. I keep my thoughts and prayers with the families of the victims, Alison and Adam. I also wish for a a speedy recovery for Vicki Gardner. I hope that my post makes people on Tumblr realize the growing racial divide in this country. It cannot be fixed with finger pointing, violence and exclusion. It has to be done with realizing that everyone has a part in creating it. Only then can we come together and celebrate each other in harmony.

I just happened across a live interview on CNN with Chris Hurst, who was Alison Parker’s boyfriend, as he held up a photo album of the 2 of them together throughout their relationship and cried as he talked about how lucky he was to have known her and loved her. They had just moved in together and had started to cut expenses in order to save up for an engagement ring and eventually a wedding.

Bless his heart…it’s obvious from the reactions of both Alison’s and Adam Ward’s loved ones that two really precious souls were stolen from the world yesterday in Virginia. I hope everyone finds some amount of peace and comfort in the coming days.

I grew up with Alison Parker. Our moms worked together. We went to the same church every Sunday. We lived in the same neighborhood. We took dance together for 15 years. And the list goes on.

She was an incredible, intelligent, talented, driven woman. One of the most ambitious people I’ve ever met.

I honestly cannot put into words what I’m thinking and feeling right now. All I do is look at this picture from prom in 2009. And I remember how she laughed and said “I look like such a derp!” I asked if she wanted me to delete it and she laughed and said of course not. She was so original and unashamedly was herself no matter what anyone thought.

It breaks my heart to see her death get turned into political rhetoric. It breaks my heart that anonymous people who have never met her have opinions on the way her life was taken.

I have never been on this side of a tragedy. On this side of gut wrenching, shocking loss. And I am so sorry if I have ever talked about the death of someone in America as a political issue in an insensitive way.

It’s an indescribable feeling to have someone you knew closely be murdered. It is unreal for that murder to be on live television and discussed on news channels globally. I cannot fathom the pain of her parents and brother that I care for so deeply. I have no words of condolences. I have no hopeful Bible verses. All I have is my tears of sympathy and the heartache of a vibrant young life taken far before her time.

I guess if I had a point, I would say this: Please be respectful when discussing these issues. You never know who might be reading.

Food for thought

So now we know some more about the terrible tragedy in Virginia, including the identity of the terrorist (and yes that IS an appropriate name) responsible.

The man’s name was Vester Lee Flanagan. He was 41 years old. He was black, and according to the fax he sent to ABC, he was gay.

But I’d like to share with you all something I just read in a story about the incident that was printed in The Detroit News this morning (the story was originally written for the Associated Press).

“Flanagan, 41, was described…as ‘an unhappy man’ and 'difficult to work with,’ always 'looking out for people to say things he could take offense to.’”

He filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the journalist he gunned down for allegedly making a racist comment. It js believed these complaints were fabrications.

In fact, this man had a history of filing racist complaints, as well as being difficult to work with dating back to 2000.

His fax also seemed to imply his act was in retaliation for the shooting in Charleston back in June. Not to mention admiration for the terrorists that shot up Columbine and Virginia Tech.

So in summary:

This was a man who was constantly looking to be offended by something, frequently made claims without any basis in fact, admired mass murderes, and apparently wanted some kind of revenge against white people.

I’m just going to say this:

Does all this sound familiar?