The Most Educated Places In America In 2015

For the third year in a row, the 100 most educated places in America have been ranked. Given that only about a third of Americans has a college degree, the top of the list is striking. In all ten spots, from Bethesda, MD to Newton, MA to Cupertino, CA, at least 94% of residents hold a high school diploma or associate’s degree. Far fewer people hold bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate’s, but the top of the list was impressive on those scores as well, with 76% the lowest percentage of people holding bachelor’s degrees.

Question for the NC / VA People

Folks from the mountains of North Carolina / Virginia (or anyone really but I think this originates around there) - have you ever heard tales of the “Squeedunk” ?

My family from the mountains up there (Alleghany County, NC / Independence, VA) used to scare the shit out of the kids when we’d go to the family reunions up there. 

Just looking to see if this is a family monster or regional monster. 


#166-Ledian, The Five Star Pokemon

Ledian is a nocturnal Pokemon that sleeps wrapped in big leaves inside of forests. At night time, they will gather to flutter around the night sky, releasing a glowing powder, and the star patterns on its back glow brighter in coordination with how bright the stars are in the sky on any particular night,

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish.

This year, I will be moving from Hampton Roads, Virginia to Portland, Oregon.

The east coast taught me to be strong, to work hard for what I want and to never put up with the bullshit and hate of a 100 year old mentality.   It will always be home.  I wear it proudly on my skin.  The place where I became a man.

Change is good.  Life moves forward.  

While in Oregon I hope to learn more about giving back.  I want to be the change I hope to see in others.  Be a more giving and caring human.  Try to not be so selfish.

Wish me luck as my adventure continues.



#167-Spinarak, The String Spit Pokemon

Spinarak is a Pokemon that lives in the Darkest part of forests, choosing to live towards the ground. Spinarak is an extremely patient Pokemon, that will wait in its web for several days waiting for prey. This Pokemon can detect what is trapped in its web just by the vibrations it detects in its feet.