For those who don’t know, Hurricane Florence is barreling towards the East Coast right now, directly towards The Carolinas and Virginia. If it hits as a Category 4, it will be only the second Category 4 to hit in North Carolina history, the first being Hurricane Hazel in 1954. Needless to say, we aren’t prepared. As far inland as Raleigh, my hometown, could see up to a foot of rain and just shy of 100mph winds for several days. Some people have gotten out, but others, such as myself, cannot, and are having to ride this out on our own.

If you know anyone who lives in this area, or know someone with family in this area, call them, talk to them, see if they’re okay and if there is anything that you can do.

If you live in this area and cannot get out, stock up and hunker down. Personally, I’m going to be riding it out alone. My roommates are heading home, but I can’t, as the building I am in now is safer than at home, and my home is still in the path of this storm. My roommates are leaving me their food, water, and any supplies they have that I could use. Some people aren’t so lucky. Here’s some things to consider when preparing:

  • There’s already a shortage on gas, bottled water, bread, soup, etc. so go out TODAY and get what you can if you haven’t already.
  • Make sure you know the evacuation routes and have a bag packed. Pack medications, important documents, food and water, and anything else you will need.
  • If you stock up today, DO NOT BUY MILK OR EGGS. These items are refrigerated and will spoil if the power goes out, so go for non-perishable food. There are supposed to be widespread power outages over half the state, so keep this in mind when stocking up.
  • If you live on the first floor of a building like I do, try to get as much off the floor and up off the ground as possible. That way if water does get in, your personal belongings have a better chance of surviving. THIS INCLUDES POWER STRIPS!!!
  • If you are in an evacuation zone and have not gotten out yet, PLEASE TRY TO NOW. Even if you don’t know where to go, just come inland as much as you can. Shelters are already set to open here in the Triangle as soon as tomorrow, I believe, but the coast is the worst place to be. You need to get out while you can.
  • If you have a bathtub, clean it well and fill it with water tomorrow. This will give you another source of water even if you are unable to find any at the store.
  • MAKE PLANS FOR PETS! My dad is worried about our dogs because they hate storms and are older, and he has no clue what to do about their bathroom habits, so try to plan for this if you can!! Make sure they will have plenty of food and water for this storm, and take into account any anxieties they may have about the storm. Don’t leave them behind.
  • If you have a porch, deck, or patio, clear off and put away any furniture you have to minimize what the wind can pick up.

This isn’t a full list, I’m sure, but these are things that my family and I are thinking about. Just know that this is a serious storm, possibly the worst in Carolina history, and it will be deadly. Take every precaution you can.

Lastly, please reblog this. Even if it isn’t your type of blog. Even if you don’t think anyone that follows you in from this area. Please reblog this. It could save someone’s life, and it’ll help a friend somewhere.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to say this over the last few days.

The New York abortion law does not allow for infanticide. The bill simply allows women to have an abortion if her health would be at risk by continued pregnancy / delivery or if the fetus is incapable of surviving outside the womb.

No doctor is going around providing third trimester abortions just for shits and giggles.