Experience America’s favorite drive at the Blue Ridge Parkway. Meandering for 469 miles, the parkway reveals stunning long-range vistas and close-up views of the rugged mountains and pastoral landscapes of the Appalachian Highlands in North Carolina and Virginia – not to mention some of the most magical sunrises and sunsets. Want to see more amazing pics from Blue Ridge? Follow usinterior on snapchat as Blue Ridge shares live updates from the park.

Photo by Susan Harris (www.sharetheexperience.org).


#078-Rapidash, The Fire Horse Pokemon

Rapidash is a somewhat difficult Pokemon to find, but it will be found in places where it can run with plenty of room, usually plains and fields. Rapidash can run at speeds of up to 150 MPH. This Pokemon has extremely powerful legs, that allows it to get to full speed in 10 seconds. Rapidash’s mane gets larger as it runs faster, making it look extremely beautiful and majestic at full speed.


#075-Graveler, The Rock Pokemon

Graveler is a bit more rare than Geodude, as it is less common in areas that aren’t as rocky. Graveler is mostly only found in rocky trails, caves, and mountains. This Pokemon is an extremely slow walker, and it prefers to roll around for its movement. It especially moves this way when going downhill, as it then can move at high speeds, and will crush things in its way. Graveler eats rocks and to do this, it will slowly walk all the way up to the summit of a mountain, eating the entire way, and then rolling straight down.


(via Wabash EMD E8A # 1009, streamlined fire ladder truck & PCC… | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

“Wabash EMD E8A # 1009, streamlined fire ladder truck & PCC are seen at the railroad museum in Roanoke, Virginia, August 1985.  The Wabash E-8 at this time was possibly 35 years old and not so long out of service.  The old streamlined fire truck was probably buitl by Ward LaFrance or American LaFrance, don’t really know.  The PCC street car was probably the best and most reliable of all the street cars produced during its day.“


This farm house sits on a hill in rural Virginia near Roanoke.

(via Red Tin Roof by Ken Yuel | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)