The Computer Room

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  I’m a terrible storyteller, I hope this is an alright read and not too long~ ;o;

My family moved into this south-eastern Virginian house in 1992 shortly after my little sister was born & have been here since. We noticed disturbances as soon as we unpacked. Dishes moving, footsteps at night, little things. My mother had someone come in to bless the house & things calmed down except for a every-couple-years-or-so tiny disturbance. We dealt with it.

Around summer 2005 my younger sister (13) and I (18) began avoiding our computer room after dark due to a bad energy in there and the feeling of being watched. Our computer had stopped working unexplainably.
I was at lunch with friends, about ready to leave. I receive a phone call, my sister. She sounds shaken up. She tells me she heard a noise in the computer room and when she checked what it was, a photo of herself had fallen off the wall and landed in a way impossible. I try to calm her down.
Five or so minutes pass, she calls again, this time sobbing. She locked herself in my bedroom on the opposite side of the house with the dogs and refuses to come out until I am home and begs me to hurry. She had heard another noise and, reluctantly, checked to see what it was. When she opened the door, the computer chair had moved right at the opening of the door facing towards her. This was enough to sell me, so we pay and rush back.
First thing I do when I get home is go to the room, I try to remain calm and lighthearted about the situation so when I notice bags of clothes blocking the door to the computer room I laugh at her barricade and ask her how that would even help. She goes pale and says slowly “I…. didn’t do that.”
Everything in the room was exactly as she described. I go in, put it back to normal, and jokingly say “hey, haunt us all you want but at least fix the computer!” The computer was working that night.
For a few weeks to follow our lampshade would be found on the ground across the room.

My father now uses the room as an office of sorts, and there hasn’t been much activity other than the occasional doorknob shake when my sister’s in the bathroom.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 7/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

Richmond With Marleigh Culver 

“Richmond is affordable and an ideal place for people to start their dreams. Everyone here is so supportive and inspired to do new and risky things. I’m really proud to be here and to have incredible friends who let me do work for them. I am just another person doing what they love here. I’m just focused on getting stronger and better as an artist and designer.” Discover Richmond and learn more about the city’s vibrant creative community through the eyes of insider and rising designer Marleigh Culver.

Photos by Ethan Hickerson for The Style Line


The abandoned Merchants’ Factory Outlet Mall in Fort Chiswell, Virginia, was also previously known as the Red Roof Outlet and the Ft. Chiswell Outlet Mall.   It was originally built in 1989, and at one time it included outlet stores for Polo, Reebok, Hush Puppies, Book Warehouse, and many others.   

Built on a 55 acre tract, the buildings compiled a total of 175,000 square feet.  Stores ranged from 850 square feet to 8,800 square feet; and they could be rented for $8.00 per square foot.  Single space parking was available for 973 vehicles.

The mall’s developers were originally promised there would be on and off ramps for the mall along I-77; but those ramps were never actually built.    This left it difficult for people who were unfamiliar with the local area to find the mall’s entrance.   That, along with the fact that the multi-level design of the mall made it inconvenient to access the upstairs stores, brought about a loss of tenants starting in about 2002.     Finally, the mall was completely shuttered in about 2012.  

Today the mall is empty, it’s become very deteriorated, and it’s been heavily vandalized. 


The remains of an old bridge across Reed Creek in Graham’s Forge, Virginia.   The water in the creek is said to be highly polluted by agricultural pesticide runoff.   What’s left of the Graham’s Forge Mill and the dam that once powered it are only about a hundred yards upstream from here.