My youtube account was deleted due to some violations/strikes or whatever, but I still have all the videos I ever made. And one of them happens to be this one, a Virgil/Richie one I did a while back when I was trying to get the hang of Sony Vegas (and sucked horribly at using it). Still, I thought I’d bring it back for now. ;D

every time I think of Virichie I think of Cherrie-Keane and her artwork. heehee~ <3

2nd story

All right here we go the 2nd story!!!!! The law of metal and lightning.It is a oneshot but hey we fangirls take what we can get and its sweet!!!!! Now because its a one shot I will give nothing its mostly fluff anyway but it gets me smilin so whatever:) Oh by the way I noticed something that made me on a euphoric high all day it seems that my last post about Aqono’s Second chances was republished by nonother then the Author!!!! I mean Aqono is like my Idol I couldn’t believe it!!!!!! Not to mention some of my fav VxR stories are by that exact author!!!!! YAY