If Thomas Gibson were to kick anyone else, I’d probably shake my head at him and support the firing. But Virgil Williams is not a good man. Virgil Williams has talked down and about his cast members multiple times. He has made rape jokes on his social media. He is a known provoker. And Im just saying, the fact that he knows how angry Thomas gets, and then to provoke him by making sexist and rude comments about Paget? Honestly I probably would have done more than just kick him.

None of this makes kicking right, but it just shows Thomas is not the only bad guy in this situation. If one is fired then both should be fired. I say they both should have been suspended. It’s really sad to see this happen to an amazing show. Although I know this is the decision that was made, and I see where the show is coming from, my heart will always be sad because of my love for Aaron Hotchner.

EDIT: I know realize the sources I got about Paget may not be reliable, and I’ sorry for spreading any false information, but I have read a few different credible sources about Thomas Gibson standing for himself and this is something I do believe. Once again I’m sorry for spreading what could be misleading information.


If CBS is unwilling to rehire Thomas Gibson, then at LEAST give him season 12. At least let him be there so that his character can have a graceful and fair leave. Don’t do it in the middle and let it be sloppy. Don’t do that to the fans. Don’t do that to YOURSELVES. The show ratings will drop faster than you can blink if you do that. If you can’t rehire him, at least let him have one last season with his family. Please. 

Criminal Minds: My thoughts

Just two cents before I stop posting about it. I want to focus on positivity.

We may never know what happened. Most sources I’ve read claim that TG was acting in self defense after being provoked by Virgil Williams. While TG was wrong, the director was too and the punishment should be equal. Either both get fired or both don’t.

I will miss Hotch immensely and wish they would’ve at least waited till the end of 12, so the could write off his character properly (as of right now it seems like it’ll be really rushed and after 11 years on the show, that’s a slap in the face to fans.

I highly doubt the show will last much longer given the Hotch and Derek are gone within essentially 7-8 episodes and both have been on the show for years. HOWEVER, I will not boycott the show. I have the rest of that family to love. Rossi, Spence, JJ, Emily, Garcia, Tara and the new man, Luke are all there and I love them. This is a show I’m emotionally attached to and I won’t abandon the other characters I love because of this.

I will continue to love my babies for as long as this show lasts. Ohana means family. Family means no gets left behind ☺️

my biggest issue with Thomas Gibson being fired is that it will most likely be the kiss of death for Criminal Minds– the last two seasons have been relatively weak in comparison to the previous ones, and with Shemar’s departure, it just seems like the cast/crew will have a seriously difficult time maintaining ratings high enough to carry the show through a 13th season.
I am, under no circumstances, condoning violence. kicking someone without warning or script is absolutely unacceptable. but I just have to wonder if the CM team really made the right decision.
everything I’m reading is saying that Virgil Williams (the writer/producer TG kicked) is a pretty stereotypical alpha-male; always bragging about strength and how he’s trained in martial arts, being aggressive and combative, etc. if that truly is the case, I’d like to think that the team would investigate thoroughly and make a sensible decision in the wake of Moore’s departure.
I know this wasn’t TG’s first instance of physical violence on set, and that probably largely attributed to their decision in firing him, but it doesn’t make me any less worried about the show.
I’m worried about the cast and crew, the people who have spent over a decade dedicating their lives to this show and ensuring its as good as it could possibly be. I’m worried about the livelihood of most of them. I’m worried about their well-being. I care about them as if they were family, and I know they have families and lives of their own, bills to pay, children to spend time with, and it breaks my heart thinking that with the impending demise of Criminal Minds, that that stability may be taken away from them.
I’m hopeful for the future, however; hopeful that Matthew will do more directing or focus more time into his children’s book, hopeful that Kirsten will do more theatre and things like her recent film, Kill Me Deadly, hopeful that AJ may be able to spend more time with her kids than she’s currently allotted… but I’m worried. and that’s the main reason I’m skeptical about the decision to fire Thomas Gibson over this dispute.

Now it’s AJ Cook’s fault that Thomas Gibson didn’t get a proper farewell episode. What do these people expect her to do? 12x02 was always going to be a JJ-centric episode, regardless of whether the incident involving Thomas and Virgil Williams happened. It wasn’t AJ’s fault that the incident happened and Thomas got suspended. It wasn’t AJ’s fault that TG never got the chance to come back and film a proper farewell. Stop blaming AJ for something she wasn’t even involved in. It has nothing to do with morals so I really don’t get why people are saying she has no morals. Blame CBS and ABC for acting so rashly and thus preventing Thomas from finishing out his run on CM properly, not AJ Cook who has no power over anyone or anything on set.

AJ Cook just can’t win with these people. She already is the least liked and most unpopular cast member, especially since 200, with the vocal Thomas stans and now she has the misfortune of having a JJ-centric episode be Hotch’s last episode. Nevermind that Sick Day is perhaps one of strongest CM episodes in a long time and that AJ gave one of the best acting the show has ever seen from any of the cast in years. As far as NoHotchNoWatch people are concerned, she will always be the one who stole Thomas Gibson’s farewell.