virgil the gallade

Just a little thing I made for the ask blogs I follow. o3o

  1. A mugshot of Virgil, for askthevictorypokemon
  2. Eudai (AKA the most adorable ghost) poking a Carbink, for gregnas-the-grouch
  3. And Rai, who’s about to stab Nic in the back, because apparently he likes torturing his characters. Added in a Spy mask for the lolz. Made for asknicolaivanguard. (For those who can’t see it, the little caption above Rai says “That Rai is a Spy!”)


Hope you folks enjoy this little thing, if any of you happen to stumble upon this.

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askthevictorypokemon  asked:

☤ Virgil: "Alida, I thought better of you..."

Alida didn’t even bother looking up to the bandaged gallade. She was simply too tired, tired of the pain which raged behind her bandages, the pain of loss, the pain of life itself. Dark circles hung from the bottom of her blood shot eyes, her hair was loose and hung down over her head. It was it was obvious that she had remained like this for sometime. Whatever she had done had truly affected her.

[Better? How can something like a doll become better, Virgil?] The gardevoir remained absolutely still as she communicated telepathically to Virgil. [A doll’s purpose can only be determined by its master. The master will chooses how to play with it. He will break it, re-mold it, test them, and use it. They shall continue doing so until it is perfection in their eyes and their eyes only. It will be called a freak, an abomination, a mistake but do you think it matters to the doll? No, because no matter what it goes through it will always think that its master loves it, for they are the ones who molded it. But what do they do with their creations when they’re done, Virgil. When they are truly satisfied with the accomplishments gained by this doll?]

Alida received no reply from her visitor. By now she thought that he must have truly thought that she was crazy. It didn’t matter though. Nothing mattered anymore to her. Once his questions were answered he’d go just like the rest and eventually forget this ordeal. She just wanted to be able to get back to the silence.

[They will discard them like nothing leaving them to be forgotten. And in being discarded like nothing they become nothing, worthless, because there is no one there to give them purpose. And without purpose you cannot live.] Alida gives a slight tremble after sending that, her eyes widen just slightly but enough to be noticed. [Besides, what use is a plaything once they’ve fulfilled their desires? A doll’s true and only purpose is to satisfy their master after all.]

The gardevoir finally begins to move but only to grasp her own shoulders as the shuddering continues. The tone which is sent to Virgil is now slightly crackling. [And in her time alone after all those years she begins to ask herself “Was it I who satisfied them or was it them who satisfied themselves?”. After all they were the ones who molded her and manipulated her to fulfill their desires. Did she truly think, do, and feel for herself or was it all an illusion to have her continue on for them? Yes! No! Yes! NO!] Alida clutches her head and brings it down. She didn’t want this, any of this at all. She didn’t even know why she continued on with the story at this point. Why was she even telling Virgil, an utter stranger about these thoughts. Had she truly gone mad?

Minutes pass until the trembling lessens. The gardevoir slowly begins to raise herself up using her hands to help support and balance her. Once up she looks straight at her visitor. Her eyes were watery and cheeks rosy but yet her eyes held little emotion. She just continued to look at Virgil, or seemingly straight through him as if he wasn’t there at all.

“I’m nothing but a doll.” Alida says melancholically. “How could you expect more from me?”

Virgil: …*sigh* Admittedly, you’ve very well saved me from a rather unfortunate fate. For that, I thank-you, graciously, darkrai. Use this shiny stone however you will.

Snowdrop -Consolation, hope

…..Thanks Virgil.  If you ever need any more berries, the orchard is always open.

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