Young Superheroes of Color in Young Justice:

Kaldur'ahm - Aqualad/Artemis Crock - Artemis/Raquel Ervin - Rocket/Karen Beecher - Bumblebee/Mal Duncan - Guardian/Jaime Reyes - Blue Beetle/Tye Longshadow - Apache Chief/Virgil Hawkins - Static/Eduardo Dorado Jr. - El Dorado/Asami Koizumi - Samurai

Ok everyone Jack is back, Ben 10′s reboot is getting closer, and Boomerang’s streaming service is launching this summer. There’s a lot to be excited about in the world of cartoons, I get it. But let’s not gloss over the fact that Static Shock is getting it’s first ever full season release this Tuesday (March 28th)!

Honestly everyone I’ve talked to about it just gives the standard, “that’s cool,” response when I mention this and it’s heresy. Static shock, the coolest electric based super-hero, is coming to home video? You bet your butt I’m excited for that. Let’s hope he ends up in a few episodes of Justice League Action!