virgil design

2:30 in the morning, I decided to give (a rather simple)human Virgil a quick go before heading off to bed. Oh and a Wheatley cause, yeah. I can’t draw one without the other now (-◡-)


Here they are!!! Finally!! My Thunderbirds dress designs!!

They are based off both the ships and their pilots (hence why the fun TBird 4 is Gordon). I’ve been meaning to upload these for a year but I only just got the program I needed to edit them!!

So what do you guys think! Btw, I used to be FuriedNight on Tumblr!


Plymouth Asimmetrica, 1961, designed by Virgil Exner and built by Ghia, the Asimmetrica evolved out off the 1959 Plymouth XNR concept and was to be made in limited numbers. After being shown a number of motor shows the prototype was sold to Belgian author Georges Simenon, who created the fictional detective Jules Maigret. The prototype remained a one-off

Since I wasn’t very pleased with my former human version of Virgil I thought I’d try and improve it a little/make a new one and WOO I ACTUALLY LIKE THIS :D
and I hope that you do too! fyi I didn’t check if any of the ideas that I used had been used before and therefore all possible similarities to other fans’ designs are unintentional


First round of Virgil doodles… still working out some kinks in the design, but I think overall, I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. 

That pattern is a pain though. 

anonymous asked:

i hc virgil as looked like dev patel, but i've never really seen a virgil who wasn't white. could u attempt it?

Ya know I’ve actually had an idea for a Virgil design for the longest time, but I’ve never actually gotten around to doing it. So thanks anon for kicking my butt into gear and making me actually finish this design

Can you guess which one is the older sketch? Jfc I’ve improved so much