I decided to try my hand at drawing  passerinearts ocs. I love her blog and her attention to detail regarding her characters and their personalities.However I am not entirely happy with it. (Hence all the editing) But I really want to practice character design and it was good for me to draw some very ethnically diverse characters.

And the girl at the front with yellow dip died hair (Angestia?) looks super pouty…guess she doesn’t like me drawing her huh

my magical girls Piper and Virgia sun in casual clothing! ! piper is caucasian-asian and virgia is of asian heritage u v u Piper is a bit of a feisty lil punk, she’s got a dog and she’s a bit of a genki. she loves japanese streetfashion to bits and changes contacts and haircolour rather often haha ; _ ; Virgia Sun Sunny is a primadonna in the making though she’s not as mature and elegant as she’d like, she’s rather childish and squeaky and is trying to rid herself of her love for fast food 

I’ve had this and another ask like this lying in my inbox for a while, I’ve dug through my memory repeatedly and scoured the internet and I’m just as a loss; I never imagined finding people who’d portray my magical girls would be this hard! ; __ ;

I already know a few but for most of my magical girls ia so hard, but here are some ideas!

Piper Ito: Portrayed by Eva Pinkland (no doubt)

Liling Xiong: Portrayed by Long Mao Zhin (no doubt)

Minnie Dei Amande: Adriana Lima (very doubtful, but the closest this far)

Chandrani Mishra: Chantelle Young (preferably somebody whos black/indian but vitiligo itself makes it very limited)

Virgia Sun: Lee Sung Kyung (barely no doubt)

Honoria: Yaya Costa (hmm maybe??) Josephine: as we all know, Josephine is inhuman and can’t be portrayed by a mortal, but Cate Blanchett (when not wearing makeup) has some of her features! She would of course have to wear a monstrous ton of makeup to make her look like a corpse and have her eyebrows constantly arches in a sympathic expression and never smile wholeheartedly but lets face it, you just cant achieve Josephine..

those are all for now, thank you so much for asking though because it’s a lot of fun actually figuring this out! <3

kozuekaoru asked:

sunny !!!

  • their blog url: “sunbaby”hehe
  • the kind of posts they reblog: oh my god!!! junkfood, k-pop, burgers, snsd, cute jfashion, fries, korean idols, food, cute puppes and kitties, JUNK FOOD,
  • the first person they followed: probably some random k-pop blogger..„„
  • what kind of theme they’d have: something super girly, light blue and probably with a light blue plaid background and it looks so contrasting whenever she reblogs some pile of cheeseburgers, fries and onion rings
  • what kind of text posts they make at 2am: “cheeseburgers taste better after midnight i swear to GOD!!!! ahh”

Sunny and Honoria might not be the best of friends but I honestly think Sunny and Honorias lil sister, Memoria, get along just great and they probably go shopping sometimes and drink bubble tea and ahh i’m gonna draw them together my cutesy little gyarus

anonymous asked:

4, 23, & 27 for Sunny, please?

aww thank youu! ; 7 ; 


4. What kind of people do they hate? 

I think Sunny, like a lot of the other girls, can’t quite find it in her heart to hate people - but she’s merciless when it comes to disliking. She finds it incredibly hard to get along with people who try to be superior to her, such as Honoria - she wants to be the one and only primadonna and princess and there isn’t room for anybody else in the spotlight.

23. What qualities do they most want to be associated with? What’s the highest compliment anyone could pay them? The gravest insult?

Radiant, ladylike, princess. She wants to be the best she can be and wants people to both view and treat her like ”the princess she is”. The highest compliment she could recieve would probably be something like ”you’re the most radiant princess to have ever walked this earth” or something super-duper sappy along those lines. Sunny is pretty easy to offend and easily takes things to her heart, but definitely something implying she’s dirty, lowly, un-princessy, etc.

27. How much do they care about etiquette, politesse, propriety? Do they have the same standards for themself as for other people?

Sunny expects everything to be top notch when it comes to etiquette - she’s bordering on obsessed with it. She keeps her manners in mind at all times, much due to the fact that she wants to be as princessy as possible. Still, she’s not as finicky with other people, and though she might wrinkle her nose at cussing and bad manners, she often finds herself surrounded by people who are more on the careless side.