Yemaya is the ultimate universal mother. Yemaya also know as Yemoja, Yemanja Yemalla or La Sirène is the orisha of the ocean and all that inhabits in it. She is the water that pushes up against the seashores. She gives life in all aspects. Yemaya’s domain is all waters, the sea, rivers, lakes, lagoons all that is water she it. She is even the water that babies are held in for 9 months inside of there mothers womb. Yemaya is seen to be a woman that has big breast as she nurtures and tends to all existence. Her color is blue and all shades of it. The fishes are her children and messengers.

She is the patron orisha of all women and women that bare children. She is called upon a woman who is pregnant to ensure the safety of the embryo. During pregnancy a woman calls upon the orisha to make sure that the baby is safe and flows through the vaginal walls and becomes into existence into the human world. Yemaya is said to have nurtured and raised almost all the orisha. Her followers worship her all across the globe. From Africa to Brazil. All have gone and spoken with Yemaya. Even if you don’t think so, we have all at least once in our life gone to the ocean and dipped in and spoken with the ocean. That’s Yemaya and she hears all.

Yemaya is that celestial being that when one wants to be held, they can feel her grasps as a mother. She is that mother figure that you can talk to and explain or pour your heart out to and she will always listen. When one doesn’t have a mother to talk to, you can always speak to her by going to the ocean and sitting down by the seashore or lighting a blue candle at your place of dwelling and call upon her. You will feel that warmth embrace hover over you, that’s Yemaya. Also as a mother, she is a warrior and she will defend her children very quickly. She can be stern and punish her children as well. The same way a mother gives and teaches her children, the same way she can punish and teach you a lesson.


Today is the FeastDay of Our Lady of the Rule The Famous Brown Madonna of the Philippines Patroness of Lapu Lapu City and all of the Visayas region mother Mary please heal our City Tacloban City praying that all Survivors may fully recover in whatever they have experience Children my Find comfort and live a normal lives and to the souls of those who have died let perpetual Light Shine upon them may they rest in peace to every Family living in my City keep them Safe and secure i ask this in your Son Holy name Jesus Christ amen VIVA LA VIRGIN DE REGLA !!! #faith #devotion #mamamary #VirgenDeRegla #thevirginMary #jesusfreak #jesusandmary #iamacatholic #iamachristian #mary #Thevirgin #OurLadyoftheRule #iantology #iluvcebu #igerscebu

I miss You Ina oneday i will be back to your shrine in Opon Lapu Lapu City Cebu to thank you for everything that i have now.You are in indeed the “Negra Sum Sed Formosa” according to the bible the Book of Song of songs which Means “Iam Dark But Beautiful” #VirgendeRegla #OurLadyoftheRule #IamaChristian #IamACatholic #mary #TheVirginMary #jesusfreak #JesusandMary #iluvcebu #cebu #igerscebu #igers #igersdubai #iluvdubai #lapulapuCity #iantology