a strange little character that popped into my head today randomly! 

his name is Virgel and he is a bit scatterbrained and and jumpy. 

he is a member of an alien race that resembles hermit crabs and they get all of their stuff from other planet’s garbage and unused items. 

The only thing that makes translations of fussy obnoxious little technical details fun...

Details like which side the greeks have their spear and shield on while they are climbing up a ladder (with their RIGHT hands) and shielding themselves with the left, I mean. The most entertaining part is imagining the reaction of the ancient Roman nitpickers if these lines had been left out. 

Virgil: And so they asscended the walls…

Gaius Nitpickerus: hoooow?

Virgil: Uhm. With ladders that hugged the walls?

Gaius Nitpickerus: Why didn’t the Trojans just shoot them by means of arrows (with respect to their sides)? 

Virgil: Uhm. They had their shields raised.

Gaius: On which siiide? 

Virgil: Left. 

Gaius: What about their spears?

Virgil: Held in the left hand.

Gaius: Then how did they reach the roof?

Virgil: With their right?

Gaius: In the Illiad Hector’s wounds were on the opposite side, you know. 

Virgil: …. gtfo

okay, seriously, bed now.