The only thing that makes translations of fussy obnoxious little technical details fun...

Details like which side the greeks have their spear and shield on while they are climbing up a ladder (with their RIGHT hands) and shielding themselves with the left, I mean. The most entertaining part is imagining the reaction of the ancient Roman nitpickers if these lines had been left out. 

Virgil: And so they asscended the walls…

Gaius Nitpickerus: hoooow?

Virgil: Uhm. With ladders that hugged the walls?

Gaius Nitpickerus: Why didn’t the Trojans just shoot them by means of arrows (with respect to their sides)? 

Virgil: Uhm. They had their shields raised.

Gaius: On which siiide? 

Virgil: Left. 

Gaius: What about their spears?

Virgil: Held in the left hand.

Gaius: Then how did they reach the roof?

Virgil: With their right?

Gaius: In the Illiad Hector’s wounds were on the opposite side, you know. 

Virgil: …. gtfo

okay, seriously, bed now.