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Will This Go Viral: The Brady Bunch Movie

The first trending meme of 2015 has arrived, straight from 1969. Okay, well, more like 1996.

A Very Brady Sequel, the 1996 follow up to 1994’s The Brady Bunch Movie, an equally delightfully weird parody/homage to the original 70s series, has sparked a new meme spreading across social media.

Things started small, with a casually dismissive GIF of Marcia Brady. Simple enough. There are thousands of reaction GIFs on the internet; this is a perfect response for everyday shade throwing.

But then things got weird, and there’s no clear explanation. Jennifer Elise Cox, the actress who played Jan in the films, appeared on Wednesday night’s season premiere of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, conveniently right around the time the meme began to take off. 

Still, that doesn’t exactly explain why the internet is taken with one scene in particular. Jan makes up an imaginary boyfriend, George Glass, and Marcia mispronounces the word “school.” It’s weird, and is now responsible for hundreds of GIFs, memes, collages, vines, reaction photos  – you name it, it’s out there.

We’re not sure what’s going on, but we like it. The youths of the internet are keeping the 90s alive. We can’t complain.

Even buzz was in the avengers. Spider-Man doesn’t like this.