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yutasgirlfriend  asked:

small au for yuta please!! 💓💖

  • world famous actor!yuta au
  • can do any genre, from action to romcom to horror to tragedy
  • has his own fanclub and his fans are called yutavers (yuta + lovers)
  • is like the nicest celebrity to ever grace the planet is always replying to people on twitter and posting selfies and making videos and trying to accept as many letters and gifts as he can (even though the company keeps telling him he can’t do that)
  • his kissing scene in a movie went viral because apparently some of his fans fainted watching it because yuta is ,,,,,,,, a killer,,,,,,,kisser. a killer kisser that’s what i meant
  • but as much as he loves to give back and be kind people can take it too far
  • and so that’s why he has you, his personal bodyguard
  • and you try to keep it all serious, no fun stuff at all times because that’s what professionals do
  • but it’s hard to keep a straight face when you’re going over his schedule in the morning and yuta comes out wearing a face mask, apple hair, and his one piece pajamas
  • like,,,,,,,,he’s world famous. people literally think he’s a God and here he is
  • in his t-shirt with luffy’s face on it asking you if he can just have ice-cream for breakfast and showing you his town that he just started in animal crossing
  • and you’re,,,,,,like it’s impossible to not grow fond of yuta. with his shining smile and his sense of humor and like
  • it makes you really want to protect him, not just because of your job but because there are people who want to hurt him for real and that pisses you off
  • which is why when you end up threatening to break someones neck after they shout something obscene at yuta,,,,,,,,yuta is like pulling you back by the shoulders and he’s like
  • “it’s ok, words don’t hurt me.” and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,i know but,,,,,,
  • and you know you overreacted and you’re embarrassed for the rest of the day until you’re alone with him in the car
  • and yuta suddenly nudges you and he’s like 
  • “im not gonna lie though, seeing you get worked up,,,,,,you’ve got a very sexy angry stare”
  • and you flame up with embarrassment and you’re like ,,,,s,,,,se,,,,sexY??? and yuta is like “i fell hard for you in that moment.”
  • and you make a face and you’re like “stop joking,,,,,”
  • but he just shrugs and is like “i already like you a lot and im good at hiding, but wow in that moment i wanted to kiss you.”
  • and it’s silent until you look over and you’re like ,,,,,, “really?’
  • and yuta turns to you and smiles and he’s like “really”
  • you: driver roll up the partition.
  • yuta: also put on some loud music
  • long story short you’re making out with yuta in the backseat of his expensive car,,,,,,,,,,,
  • he comes out with messy hair and his manager is like “what happened?” and yuta’s like “it was a bumpy ride here”