I want to be an angel, but i don’t want to fall || Clivlin

  • Me: i need to cry non-stop for a while over ships, and dead characters.
  • Rational Part of my Brain: Are you sure that's socially acceptable at this hour?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Fuck it, it's 1 o'clock in the morning somewhere.
  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: In the TV show Friends, Rachel Green reveals that her birthday is May 5th, making her a Taurus. But in The One With Chandler's Dad, Rachel flirts with a police officer who looks at her birth date and calls her an Aquarius. She does not deny it. While actress Jennifer Aniston is an Aquarius, why did they call Rachel an Aquarius on the show? Did they forget that they had revealed her birthday? Did the Friends writers not give a fuck about being consistent with astrology signs? Was Rachel lying about her birthday? Did the police officer not know the signs? Did Rachel not know her own zodiac sign? Does Friends take place in an alternate universe?
Every Fandom is Beautiful

The fandom where shit goes down hardcore

the fandom you don’t realize you are in until it’s too late to escape

The fandom that is just starting to get popular and no one knows what they’re getting themselves into, but you do because you’ve been in it for a while.

 the fandom that is nothing but sin and shitposts

Fandoms with more than one love interest for the main character

Fandoms that you just want to write loads and loads of fanfiction about

The fandoms that ruin you

The fandoms that ruin you

The fandom with that one character that fucks everything up and you just want them to S T O P

The fandom you’re embarrassed about being in

The fandom that makes you want to throw your book/TV/computer out a window 

The fandom that has a lot of plot twists

The fandoms that take FOREVER to put out new material

The fandom with a climax that’s just a big final battle and it’s a mess and everyone is dying and oh my god my precious babies no

The Virals + Ella definitely went to go watch Wonder Woman and Ella came out wanting to join the Amazons, Hiram wanted to go out and dress up as Diana immediately (and he would so try use the lasso of truth on Ben lmaoo), Shelton came out suspiciously teary-eyed because “I can save tomorrow but you… You can save the world”, Ben was overjoyed because native rep!!! And Tory was just floored by how amazing it was and she dragged the boys to watch it at least 2 more times (not that they complained). Sorry I dont make the rules.

@shelton-devers was telling me a few months back about that movie “Now You See Me” and how it could be adapted to a Virals AU and holy. shit 😱 The fucking inspiration for an AU with the Virals as a renown group of master thieves just hit me like a ton of bricks today. Can you imagine??? Shelton as the master hacker, Tory and Hiram as the reconaissance team because Hiram is charming and Tory can play people to her needs, Ben (and maybe Ella as well) as the one to execute all the plans because he’s fast silent and strong enough to fight his way out should he need to. Im legit yelling holy shit I need this AU so bad!!! I cant believe my kids would be the best mastermind criminals ever