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Clark Atlanta’s Volleyball Team Respond To Viral Kneeling Photo.

Clark Atlanta University’s Volleyball Team kneels during National Anthem at home game. The photo goes viral, but not everyone is pleased. Here is what they had to say about it. #Love it!

“People with Down syndrome can do anything, they just do it at their own pace. Give them a chance and you will be rewarded beyond your greatest expectations.”

“I think it is time people realized that people with Down syndrome can be sexy and beautiful. I want people to stop saying ‘I’m sorry’ when I tell them my daughter has Down syndrome, because it’s a very naive statement.”

“If the average person could see the beauty Maddy has inside, how loving and caring she is and if that is what people measured beauty on, then most of the models in the world would have Down syndrome.”



These Intimate Photographs of Two Boys with Animals Captured by their Mom are Amazing

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These photographs show how special the bonds between the two young siblings and the animals around them. Elena Shumilova, from Andreapol, Russia, started to capture her sons Yaroslav, aged five, and Vanya, two when she got her first professional camera. She plans to continue to capture the amazing animal adventures of her sons. *

{ Photographs of adorable babies and dogs }

Roses line the street where Mike Brown was shot and killed, Aug. 21, 2014. Photo by Amanda Sakuma

MORE: Michael Brown’s stepmother says the teen ‘prophesized his own death’

'Michael Brown’s step-mother describes how teen was 'dreaming of death (and) seeing pictures of bloody sheets on clotheslines’

Can That Viral Photo of the Fogged-In Grand Canyon Possibly Be Real?

You may have seen this photograph (or one like it) floating around your social media feeds in the last week.

It’s the Grand Canyon filled with fog. 

Gorgeous. Stunning. All the adjectives we use to describe things like space photos. They make sense here. 

But is it real? 

It certainly looked to be good to true to my eye. 

But lo and behold, these images are real, tweeted out by the National Parks Service’s Grand Canyon team itself. I love when there is a simple answer to a viral photo question.

Read more. [Image: National Parks Service]

And of course, they hadn’t really thought of me as a person. Why should they? These images are throwaways, little bursts of amusement to get through a long workday. You look, you chuckle, you get some ridicule off your chest and move on to the next source of distraction. No one thought about the possibility that I might read those words. Far less, that I would talk back.
—  My embarrassing picture went viral, Caitlin Sedia, Salon

More of our viral photo subjects should rise up and revolt. Another recent example here.

Whether they’re sensational, eye-popping, or just plain cute…

These memorable photos have rocketed around the Internet and captured the world’s imagination  — Photos Gone Viral!

Remember this photo? When TSA officers at Kansas City Airport patted down an 8-month-old infant after the baby’s stroller set off the exposives-screening alarm, a bystander snapped a pic and posted it to Twitter with the message “Just saw #tsa agents patting down a little baby at @KCIAirport Pretty sure that’s extreme.” The photo was picked up by the Drudge Report, and before anyone knew it, was a viral phenomenon.