viral cosplay

Cinderella transformation dress for the cosplay contest at G6 where I won 1st place! This was the practise run through about an hour before hand!


Timeskip!Viral (TTGL) Shirt, Cape and Scarf

I’ve loved Viral and hadn’t done tatters in awhile so this commission was awesome! I forgot to document the start but I used my Bolin undershirt pattern for Viral’s shirt, which the client agreed for sleeveless since they would be covered with the cape anyways and we didn’t want any errors with altering sleeves for the monster hands. Separating zipper and some blanket binding for the detailing, the cape was pretty much just draped. All the tears were done with small sharp scissors and some vigorous scrubbing with heavy grit sand paper. I sealed all the edges so they wouldnt fray with modge podge and fabric glue then lightly painted the tears and tatters and holes with watered down fabric paint to get that singed and burned look.