things your sign doesn't get enough credit for
  • Aries: putting 100% into the people they care about
  • Taurus: being focused and super hard-working
  • Gemini: twisting situations in favor of their loved ones
  • Cancer: being really strong under pressure
  • Leo: always making sure everyone around them is happy
  • Virgo: their motherly nature and healing abilities
  • Libra: the amount of emotional labor they do for others
  • Scorpio: how much they bury within to keep the peace
  • Sagittarius: their unhesitant generosity
  • Capricorn: their wicked sense of humor
  • Aquarius: their kindness, humanity and love for people
  • Pisces: their high intelligence and mental dexterity

Weird Animal Stories #1 - Bounce

This dog was brought into a doggy day care, and one of the employees texted his friends a picture saying 

“Someone brought a bear cub into doggy day-care” 

One of his friends posted the picture on Reddit, and it sparked a large controversy about whether or not it was a bear cub, or a dog. Well, the case was settled in early 2016 when the man explained to ABC news what had happened, and that it was all just a prank. 

Bounce is actually a Pomeranian mix. The family, on vacation in Tennessee, were shocked to see that on vacation their dog became a viral sensation.  


Someone made a supercut of one second of every episode from The Office. Totally out of context.