vira gunn

brokenedgeben  asked:

Hi. I don't know if you're Vira Gunn from TGWTG, but I wanted to apologize for something that I did in 2013. (I was ladyofleithian back then) It was regarding the TMZ thing, and it's a long overdue apology. I really have no excuses for my behavior back in that instance; it was cruel and uncalled for and you should have been allowed to like what you liked in peace. I really was a mindless lemming and I am sorry, and I'm ashamed of what I did. And I hope this is the right blog.

Yes! That’s me! 

Thank you so much. That’s really sweet of you. It’s a real mark of character and growth to reach out to people you feel you’ve wronged. Honestly - it’s water under the bridge. <333 I’m proud of you.

(btw, I still love me some TMZ and Perez Hilton. haha. I have no shame whatsoever in regards to it. some people track sports, whereas I track the entertainment industry. it’s just a matter of different strokes for different folks. do I agree with the way they cover every single story or some of the tactics they use? no. but I’m genuinely interested in this stuff.)