I saw a post with this picture on Misha’s tag. The post has over 300 notes and most of them are not people pointing out the fact that this isn’t Misha… which means people probably think it’s him…  which means this damn picture is going to start showing in Misha picture posts where people are posting their favorite pictures of him, alongside that photo of Johnny Knoxville sleeping that for some reason got tagged as Misha.

This isn’t Misha. I don’t know who the hell this is, other than a guy with a slightly similar mouth, a different nose, and aviators.

Please do me a solid and reblog this. If you’ve ever seen me post, you know by now how much I abhor false info spreading on Misha’s tag.


Favorite title-cards, all? There are actually three four others, (Monster Movie, the Monster at the End of this Book, and Changing Channels [and now the wedding cake]) …but well there’s a 10 picture limit. (yeah I posted this last night then deleted it 20 minutes later…but here it is again)