vipers and roses

  • Lussuria as the big brother that is actually like a mother and takes care of everyone and makes all the meals and does the cleaning
  • Xanxus as the jerk big brother who hides in his room all the time, is very much a party pooper, and everyone else tries to get him excited about the things that happen to them but he’s just like “nah”
  • Bel as the protective brother who likes to tease his siblings and pretend he’s annoyed by them but the minute you try to hurt them he will rip you to shreds. Gives the “Dad talk” to anyone that his siblings start to date
  • Mammon as the little sister that everyone fawns over and constantly calls her “cute” and stuff even though she hates it, and the more she tells them to shut up the cuter they think she is (but she doesn’t mind that they spoil her pfff)
  • Squalo as the really competitive brother that no one wants to play board or video games with because he always wins and then rubs it in their faces, and on the rare occasion that he looses, he’s a very sore loser. he’s probably the captain of various sports teams at school. he loves to make bets with his family
  • Levi as the really studious brother who works his ass off to get all A’s and takes responsibility for everything even if he shouldn’t and tries really hard to impress everyone else and gets stressed out and anxious very easily
  • Just. The Varia all being siblings and having awesome sibling rivalry but being there for each other at the end of the day
The Rose and Viper

In the back of the car Mason smooths his fingers over the pleat of his trousers. He’s dressed up to the nines, his hair stands up wildly. A belated birthday dinner with Amelia and Evan. And a surprise afterwards.

Knowing the twins he’d been almost certain that the surprise would be a quick trip home and a hard session in the play room, instead, he’s watched with growing bemusement as the city has gone past outside the window, heading in entirely the wrong direction.

To be fair, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if he could guess it so easily.

The car stops. Mason looks around. Grey concrete and columns, all industrial, utilitarian. There’s a dry cleaners and a stairwell leading up to god knows where. He can see trash in a far corner of the space.

“Great,” he says. “I always wanted to hang out in a parking garage.”

Best belated birthday ever. He tips his head and looks at the Addams twins, surely there’s something that they haven’t revealed yet, though he’s puzzled as to what it could possibly be. “Give me a clue?”