sarteck  asked:

Viperpone's cutie-mark there, is it a bloody video cassette, or what? (Just curious, didn't see anything like a ref sheet taht might answer the question on your blog there.)

Yes indeed - it is a bloody VHS tape.  Though, it’s been kind of a half-assed version of a VHS tape thus far, so I made a proper vector of it that I’ll be using from now on.

The Viperpone isn’t so much an actual OC (she certainly wouldn’t fit in with the show canon - they don’t even have television yet), but just kind of a way I represent myself when it comes to pony-related matters.

The bloody VHS symbolizes my love of older horror films, as well as my somewhat scary amount of knowledge about them from many years of being a gigantic dork with too many movies, too many horror magazines/books, and too much free time.

(above image based on this classic)

anonymous asked:

Did you know that if you stare at something long enough you'll find something offensive about it? You should try it some time. It's a really fun game. I once stared at a Wi-fi adapter and found that it was actually offensive to men with small penises because of its length.

Ooh!  Lemme try!  I’ll stare at…Pepito!

  • Head scarf either red, or black (those are the only two colors of head scarf I own. :P).  I never remember to draw the rest of it tied behind her head.  Scarf is entirely optional.
  • She is, in fact, a unicorn pony.  I only refer to her as a “jackassicorn” because of her big ears…and because she’s a jackass.
  • Hair is short - a pixie cut with side curls.  Bangs swoop to the right in frontal view, but ¾ view can be the same from either side (ie, “flipped”).  Tail is also short.
  • Frequently enraged - possibly has rabies.

anonymous asked:

oh man, are we insulting Viper again? wellllll, stand back bitches, i'm about to destroy this woman. y'all ready? are you sure you're ready? cuz you might wanna put down some tarps to help with the clean up after i lay down devastation on this muthafukin' Street Trash. seriously it's gonna be like fuckin' 120 Days Of Sodom levels of brutal. people with weak constitution. better get the fuck on out of here. alright here it comes: Tenafly Viper. You. Are. A. Humongous. NERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDDD!


Wait a minute…

pixelkitties  asked:

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I love your reasoned and no-nonsense approach to fandom misbehavior. That and the fact you blog about fantastic gems of classic horror and exploitation cinema. And your name! Can't forget that fantastic name! (Street Trash is one of my all favs!) I'll stop fan-girling and just say- Please keep it up!

Pixelkitties…sent me a message?

THE Pixelkitties?