A series of six little (5" x 7") Complimentary Fish I made for the shop. The fish are pen-and-ink on scrap intaglio paper (mostly Somerset, I think), shaded in with some ink and watercolour washes. Afterwards, I cut them out and glued them to some scrapbook paper, then popped them into simple frames.

I probably spent a good three weeks drawing miscellaneous deep sea fish–some of them mermaids, which I’ll have to dig up and post later.

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Gender: agender? androgyne? trans-masc? blend on pulse until incorporated

Star Sign: A Virgo Bitch

Height: 5′9″

Sexual Orientation: greyace and panromantic? most likely

Hogwarts House: slytherinnnn 100%

Favorite Colour: oof, rn? yellow or red i think?

Favorite animal: viperfish!! or Any Bird Ever

Average hours of sleep: 6-8

Cat or dog person: big dogs usually make me nervous because of bad experiences, but i like cats and dogs equally if theyre friendly yo! 

Favorite Fictional Characters: …House MD? i also like charlie from iasip

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 soft blanket, then 1 flat sheet, then the comforter, thats the way its got t a  b e

Favorite Singer/Band: oooh rn im more into Dan Smith’s voice from Bastille? but i literally love any song Gerard’s voice is in, im also getting into rap artists ive already listened to again, like Childish Gambino (i rly like his new stuff too!) or lil Dicky :p

Dream trip: camper or RV trip probably!! i love the woods and itd be nice to travel to natl parks!  

Dream job: just getting to make the art i want when i want is the dream, but i also just want to research something like sociology? data collection is rly enjoyable to me

When was this blog made? oooo 2013? ye

Number of followers: 1,175

What made you decide to create this blog? ….i wanted to post progress on my tulpa….i only made 2 posts then gave up…..

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Horror film idea: so there’s this woman, and she decides that she really wants to learn more about life in the really deep sea, so she takes a submarine down to the deepest depths of the ocean and films what she sees, and there are all these grotesque deep sea creatures, like blob fish and frill sharks and goblin sharks and wolffish and dumbo squid and fangtooths and tube worms and viperfish and giant spider crabs, and the film just shows all this footage for like 2 hours. There’s no plot. The film is a deep sea documentary. The horrors are untold.

Amazing Animal Eaters

As we tuck into our Thanksgiving feasts and find ourselves uncomfortably full, many of us will find ourselves wishing we had just a little more room in our bellies. Today, take inspiration from these amazing ocean dwellers who have evolved for just that purpose.

Many fishes that live in the deep ocean are specialized to swallow large prey. Depths below 650 feet (200 meters) receive too little sunlight for plants to grow, meaning food can be hard to come by. These animals address the problem by eating extra-big meals.

Black Swallower

In the twilight depths of the ocean, a good meal can be hard to find. One deep-sea fish called the black swallower can gulp down prey 10 times its own weight. Two rows of large, pointed teeth on each jaw collapse to make room as the prey ratchets down the gullet, to be slowly digested in a stomach with expandable walls.


A viperfish has teeth so long they don’t fit inside its head. It can dislocate its lower jaw, and its skull is attached to its vertebrae by a hinge, so the jaws can snap out and up and spread wide to snatch especially large prey.


A female deep-sea anglerfish attracts prey to her gaping jaws with a built-in lure—a spine tipped with a bauble of flesh that emits light. Her body is plump, and her stomach can stretch to make room for oversize meals.

Gulper eel

The gulper eel is known for its huge, expanding mouth, expandable stomach and extraordinarily long tail, adorned with a light that may work as a lure. Most bony fishes suck prey into their mouths, but some scientists think this one lunges at prey like a pelican.

Meet many more amazing animal eaters in the exhibition, Life at the Limits: Stories of Amazing Species, open now through January 6. 

Images: AMNH/R.Mickens, AMNH/J.Sparks, AMNH Archives, WIkipedia

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Lurking in the deep part of the ocean is a fish that has some interesting adaptations. The fish which I am referring to is called the Dragonfish. Many of its adaptations such as light-emitting lures, sharp teeth and a flexible jaw help its predatory way of life. Even though their names describe their ferocity, Dragonfish are on the smaller side, for a fish. Their diet consists of invertebrates and other deep-sea fish around where they live. Dragonfish can be found in every ocean. This group of fish includes slackjaws, viperfish, snaggletooth and bristlemouths. These animals have photophores on bodies, or glowing organs. Most of these animals have large heads and elongated bodies. The head of Dragonfish and their relatives contain modified jaws that have a very wide gape. Most Dragonfish and their relatives are scaleless and have darkly colored bodies in order to match the dark waters except for viperfish. Attached to the end of the chin of most of these animals are light organs which work as a lure to catch prey.