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The Ladies of Comic Book Movies (1 of 3) - Villains 

“Heav'n has no rage like love to hatred turn’d / Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn’d.” - William Congreve (The Mourning Bride)


Anyway thank to @pandosey​ for the translation .

Po: What’s going on?
Viper: …Nah.. nothing.

Po:Tigress… say something…What the heck’s going on… I…I'm… so confused…
Viper:Alright, Po…Just leave her alone.

Po:Tigress…We should listen to each other when things occur, shouldn’t we?… Tigress…As you once said… we’re still good friends…Right?

Po:I’ll come for another time when you’re recovered

Viper:Po… are you alright?
Po:I’m good.Would you please take good care of Tigress?
Viper:I assure you.



I Joined an original character: A panda called Mo

Shifu:Nothing too bad. Take her back to rest right now.
Po:How's Tigress!?
Viper:She should be fine.Don't worry.
This turn of tournament ends now, Po won!
Li Shan:Ends.. now?..
pandas:Po does deserve the title of Dragon Warrior. How awesome!
Po:What the heck is the..How could this be!
Mo:You'll lose if you leave the stage now. My name is Mo, I'm very glad to meet you.

Anyway thank to @pandosey​ for the translation.