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The West African Gaboon Viper (Bitis gabonica rhinoceros) is distinguished from the East African subspecies (B. g. gabonica) by its striking nasal scales, not unlike those of the Rhinoceros Viper (B. nasicornis). Gaboon Vipers possess the longest fangs of all viperids, reaching up to 5cm (2 inches) long, and produce the highest venom yield. 

 Photos by Patrick Jean at the Museum de Nantes

(Bitis nasicornis) rhinoceros viper
Large, stout viper, w/ a narrow flat triangular head w/ small keeled scales. Adults average 60-90 cm long (max. 150 cm), 31-43 midbody scale rows. Background color varies; patterned w/ various geometric shapes in pale blue, red, lemon yellow, green, purple, white, & jet black. Head blue or green w/ distinctive black arrow mark, belly dirty-white to dull green w/ lots of black & grey blotches.

Few bites of humans recorded; however, venom highly cytotoxic. May cause massive swelling & tissue necrosis. Tissue necrosis resulting in amputation has been reported.

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I LOVE GABOON PIT VIPERS I know it's a bad idea (probably) but I would SMOOCH that HORNED SNOOT! Tell me what chu know about those derpy mother tuckers!


The Gaboon Viper (Bitis gabonica) is a subsaharan sweetie of serpentine extremes. She’s the heaviest viper and has the longest fangs and the greatest venom yield of any venomous snake! The only venomous snake that can be heavier is the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus), and that’s actually up for debate. There’s alleged specimens of Gaboon Viper that have weighed up to 44 pounds, but there’s no actual evidence of those specimens on record. The heaviest verified specimen was caught in 1973 and weighed 25 pounds with an empty stomach. The average Gaboon Viper, however, usually doesn’t weigh more than 19 pounds, while the average Eastern Diamondback tends to weigh 11 pounds. However, the record-holding Diamondback weighed 34 pounds. (And for comparison, the longest venomous snake, the King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) has a weight record of 28 pounds and usually weighs about 13.)

As far as temper goes, the Gaboon Viper is one of the most placid snakes. Not venomous snakes, snakes in general. There’s many reports of people stepping on these snakes and the snake just slithering away. However, they’re still a venomous snake, so free handling is a dangerous, terrible idea. Don’t do it. Ever.

The nasal horns on the Gaboon Viper are there for camouflage purposes. These snakes are ambush hunters, and so the horns kinda break up the outline of their head while they hide in the leaves. They do really well in all sorts of environments, including swamps, untouched rainforest, reclaimed cocoa plantations, and coffee farms!

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So I play Ingress and it’s amazing and I chose the username Gabonica because I love Gaboon Vipers (Bitis gabonica) and out of all my favorite snakes it was the one that sounded like it could work best for an in-game username because c'mon I just gotta be the snake-nerd ok. So then I felt like a username-and-faction themed icon would be fun for the Colorado Resistance chat (vive la resistance!) and this happened.