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Chased By A Nest of Cottonmouths” by Orry Martin

I’m sharing this video for all those out there who kill venomous snakes because they swear that snakes want to kill them or pose an undue threat to them and their family. In this video, snake enthusiast Orry Martin works to debunk some of the more long-standing myths surrounding the infamous cottonmouth or water moccasin. This video is an incredible demonstration of just how shy and reluctant to bite the cottonmouth truly is.

If you’re scared of snakes, or if you’re one of those people who believes in killing venomous snakes, please watch this video. These animals are misunderstood, and it’s vital that we work to understand and protect them because they are integral parts of the food chain and without them, our ecosystems will be in serious trouble.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, let me offer a spoiler: of the twenty plus snakes involved with this experiment, most of which were seriously jostled and harassed for the sake of the test, only ONE was able to be convinced to bite, and only when Martin put his boot IN THE SNAKE’S MOUTH. All of the cottonmouths in the study tried to escape peacefully. A few didn’t even stick around long enough for the experiment.

Stop killing snakes.


My sister, Elia. She married Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and became the Princess she already was. In Dorne, she walked among vipers and none would bite her; in King’s Landing, she found herself surrounded by lions. When Robert Baratheon rebelled against his rightful king, his future father-in-law, Tywin Lannister, ordered his beast Gregor Clegane to rape and murder my sister along with her helpless children. And men call the Lannisters “heroes”. Now, Lannisters sit on the Iron Throne, surrounded by the blasted swords of Aegon’s broken foes. I wonder if they remember, as I do, that none of those swords are ours. I wonder if they see, as I do, my sister’s red blood soaking into the stones of their precious Red Keep. Maybe they need reminding. The lion may be a mighty beast, but pride always lifts his gaze to the horizon, never seeing — in the grass — the viper.

In Defense of Rhaegar Targaryen (Revisted)

At the risk of being public crucified online again. I am going to revise and revist some of my points from my earlier argument. I posted a rough draft of a meta yesterday morning on my way to work without realizing that it would cause this much controversy. It was brought to my attention that the post came off as Misogynistic and racist. This was not at all my intention. 

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My intention was to rebuttal the people in the Rhaegar Targaryen tag who were dragging him for something that, yes he had a hand in causing but was not at all  his plan to cause. He was being dragged for (In my opinion) falling love with someone else. Like really dragged. Like through the bushes, across Yankee stadium and down Times Square only to be hung in Central Park kind of dragged. I wanted to defend him. I could see where he was coming from but didn’t get my point across well. So we are going to give it a second try, now that I’ve been given some constructive criticism (Thank- You @sprinkles36)

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First and foremost lets look at what we know about Rhaegar Targaryen. He is portrayed as accomplished, intelligent, talented, and attractive young man who was well respected and commanded loyalty of most everyone who knew him. However  a dark cloud of melancholy and doom clearly hung over him all the days of his life. He seemed wounded according to Cersei and Grief stricken according to Jaime. Yet, he was also described as “Able. That above all, determined, deliberate, dutiful and singleminded.’ These are  the most important of his traits to me. Lets define them

Able: Having considerable skill, proficiency or intelligence

Determined: Processing or displaying resolve 

Deliberate: Done consciously or intentionally 

Dutiful: conscientiously or obediently fulfilling one’s duty. Also, motivated by duty rather than desire of enthusiasm 

Singleminded: Having or concentrating on only one aim or purpose. 

So Rhaegar was skilled, resolute, conscious of his decisions, faithful to the vows he made, and committed. So what made this Paragon of Princeliness act so impulsively and risk everything (The future of his house, his Throne, his children, his country) by annulling his marriage to Elia and marrying Lyanna? 

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This is the question i was left with at the end of the episode. The only answer I could come up with was this, it’s a two part answer, a 30/70 split if you will. 30% Prophecy and 70% He fell in love with Lyanna Stark. 


 It is well documented that Rhaegar firmly believed in the prophecy of the Prince that was Promised/Azor Ahai. It’s the reason he became a great warrior, the main point of his conversations with Maester Aemon Targayen, it was a big part of his life. Understandably so, considering the circumstances of his birth. Born during the great fire at Summerhall, The tragedy and darkness seemed to cling to Rhaegar his whole life a chip on his shoulders. Perhaps part of him always believed that the world was headed toward doom and destruction and this colored his view of wanting to save the future and the belief that he was The Prince that was Promised. Realizing that being the Prince was not his destiny he placed the burden of its fulfillment on his children. 

Rhaegar: The Dragon has three heads, there must be one more. 

While at the same time dealing with a father whose mental health and acuity is ever decreasing. 

Sidenote: Nowhere is it mentioned that the third head had had to be a female by the prophecy or by Rhaegar. Nor is it mentioned that her name was to be Visenya, If he were trying to replicate Aegon the Conqueror and his sisters, he would have named his Eldest daughter Visenya. As Visenya Targaryen was older then Aegon the Conqueror and their sister Rhaenys. 

Son of The Mad King

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Aerys was at this point in time the greatest threat to the continuation of the Targayen’s rule of Westeros. Falling deeper into insanity and growing more and more paranoid with each passing day. His continued rule of Westeros would have seen rebellion against Targaryen rule one way or the other. 

Barrister Selmy: At First Rhaegar didn’t want to believe that his father was incapable to rule, but in the end even he saw that this was true. 

So now Rhaegar is given the heavy burden of what to do with his father, who if left to continue as King would bring the Red Keep crashing down around them all. How to act against a paranoid man who already believes you are plotting against him? How to depose your father who you still love without him going completely off his rocker? Gather the great Lords of Westeros to format a plan.

This leads him to the the Tourney at Harrenhaal and the events that follow (The Knight of the Laughing Tree, Joust with Barristan Selmy, Queen of Love and Beauty) lead him to Lyanna.

Thus comes the conundrum of the  series . Why annul your marriage? Effectively abandon you kingdom and people when they need you the most? Piss off the only ally you have (Dorne) and put your family and future at risk? 

Well first off let’s look at the other two parts of the equation: 

Rhaegar’s Women 

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Elia Martell is portrayed as beautiful but sickly woman and due to that is often portrayed as the sad abandoned damsel. But being sickly and being compliant are two very different things. My point is that her being viewed as sickly often affects the way her personality is viewed, she is viewed as naive docile and ultimately victimized. I know, I know Rhaegar passed her over, threw her aside, she was left to fend for herself against Aerys and everyone views it as a major slight against her, against Dorne. So where is her outrage? Surely if she felt put aside or disrespected she would say so perhaps not at court but to her brothers. Who would no doubt welcome her back to Dorne with open arms and even stew in her anger with her. Yet she stayed, and not only did she stay but she gave Rhaegar another child. Curious. Perhaps she stayed for her children? Perhaps she stayed because she truly loved Rhaegar? who knows, its always been one of things that has always irked me about Elia’s character. Why stay? But nonetheless she did stay and that he survived as long as she did is a testament to her cunning, diplomacy, and strength as a woman. But would we expect less from a Martell of Dorne. A country known to produce fierce independent women. 

As @sprinkles36 described it Elia is a brown woman who managed to survive in a court far from home. Where Misogyny and Racism were rampant with a mad king who was paranoid and suspicious

It is clear that Elia is not the naive, hapless girl most of the world thought she was. Oberyn describes her perfectly from the quote below: 

Oberyn: In Dorne, she walked among vipers and none would bite her. 

All this being said it is widely known throughout the fandom  and books and show that Elia and Rhaegar’s marriage although happy enough was arranged. Neither of them choose to marry the other, it was chosen for them and for a while they seemed to make the best of it. Their marriage was shown as better than the one between Rhaegar’s parents, but Rhaegar was not depicted as being in love with Elia. He was fond of her. He cared for her as a human being and the mother of his child(ren). Not much else is said on the matter really nothing from Elia’s perspective. Rhaegar is depicted to be a good father, loving and caring. When Rhaenys was killed she was found hiding under her father’s bed. She clearly found comfort in some way being close to him in a time of fear. So what we have is Rhaegar and Elia fulfilling their duty in their marriage while not being in love. Not once is it mentioned that Rhaegar cheated, beated, or mistreated her in their marriage prior to the Tourney.  Even Ned is quoted as thinking that Rhaegar never visited brothels. So what changed? What was it about Lyanna Stark that was different? 

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Lyanna Stark the She-wolf of Winterfell is described as willful and beautiful, with a strong sense of honor and kindness, courageous and fierce to boot. A girl who took up arms against a group of squires who were bullying one of her father’s men.Then took on the Knights of those squires and handed them their asses demanding the Knights teach their squire some respect. It’s easy to believe he would be attracted to and admire her. Lyanna who was not enchanted with the idea of marrying Robert Baratheon, Who cried when Rhaegar sang his song with implies some feeling for him. Rhaegar who very likely kept her from being exposed as the Knight of the Laughing tree and very possibly killed by Aerys, but who was in such admiration of her fierceness and kindness crowned her Queen of Love and Beauty in his own secret acknowledgement of her courage and skill as a warrior. The spark had been lit but still he remained faithful and dutiful to his position and his wife.  Why would he stay with Elia after meeting Lyanna if he’s a selfish fuckboyjust looking for a good role in the Hay? 

Sidenote: Lyanna was 14 at the time of these events. Rhaegar was in his early to mid twenties. The age difference was not a deterrent and would not have mattered even if they hadn’t eloped. This is a pseudo medieval society, you cannot apply modern ways of thinking or values to their customs and practices because they will always come up wanting. In Medieval times the marriage age of women was twelve years old. At that time period a 14 year old girl and a man in his early/mid twenties being married was the norm , consummating the marriage around the age of 14/15 was custom as well. In Westeros I believe the age of adulthood is 16 and a girl can be married off once she has flowered so 12/13 maybe. Also keep in mind Lyanna was betrothed to Robert, you honestly think he was going to wait a couple of years for her to fully develop and understand her own mind once they were married before he would have her? I don’t think so. 

Fuckboy or Fool in Love?: 

I guess that depends how you define the Fuckboy term. Dictionary defines it as a male who is constantly seeking Romance and/or sexual congress with women. This is most definitely not Rhaegar, Until Lyanna not once is it mentioned that Rhaegar cheated on Elia or was anything but a loyal and faithful husband. Even Ned who had every right to  think badly of him didn’t believe he frequented brothels. You know who was a fuckboy: Robert “Hoe life till I die” Baratheon, but that’s off topic. It was a year between the Tourney and the disappearance of Rhaeghar and Lyanna together to Dorne. Why wait so long if it was simply about prophecy or lust? Why wait if Rhaeghar is simply selfish and uncaring about consequences of his actions? The only reason to wait is because he cared about Elia and his children, how it would affect them. It must have been agonizing for someone who was always viewed as dutiful and honorable to come to the decision to annul his marriage. To discard his wife and supposedly make his children illegitimate. I’m not too sure on this assumption because the stance of children from an annulled marriage is that the annulled marriage has no bearing on the legitimacy of the children born while the marriage was still valid, but that’s the real world, I don’t know if it’s the same in Westeros. Is that a shitty thing to do to a person? Yeah, it is. Does that somehow take everything we know that is good and honorable about Rhaegar and make it invalid? No. We don’t know what his intentions were at this time besides the bare boned facts. 

We know Nothing

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Much like Jon we the viewers, readers, etc. know next to nothing when it comes to what was suppose to happen in Rhaegar’s mind after he left Elia and married Lyanna and in some ways neither did Rhaegar. Had he known Brandon Stark would have reacted like the hothead rash idiot he was, demanding Lyanna’s return and effectively threatening Rhaegar to the Mad King’s face.If he’d known the  depth with Aerys insanity had fallen to the point that he would even dare consider killingl The Warden of the North and his heir, while also demanding Ned be delivered to King’s Landing and his death as well he probably wouldn’t have gone about marrying her in that way. 

Sidenote: It would have been a lot harder for Rhaegar to convince the High Septon to grant him clemency to take two wives than it would have been for The high Septon to grant him an annulment. The faith of the seven was firmly against practicing polygamy and the last Targaryen who has practiced the custom was Aegon IV that was well over a hundred years prior to Rhaegar’s certain circumstance. The Targaryen’s practiced the faith of the seven, As did most of Westeros. As many kings in history will tell you as goes what the church deems acceptable, so goes what world deems acceptable. Annulling his marriage would have been seen as the lesser of two evils. Better to have one part of the country pissed at you than a good chunk of the country and the dominant religious church. 

The true spark of the Rebellion

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While it is generally believed that the Rebellion was sparked with Rhaegar and Lyanna absconding together that simply isn’t true. Rhaegar and Lyanna’s elopement, abduction whatever you want to call it was merely a squabble between houses not a full blown war. The rebellion began where most believed it always would begin with King Aerys. The murder of Rickard Stark and his heir, burning them alive, and then demanding Jon Arryn send Ned to King’s Landing likely to meet the same fate is what started the war. Is what caused John Arryn to call up his banners against the King. Rhaegar came back and was left to sit in marvel at the clusterfuck that his father had caused. Had Aerys not killed Brandon and Rickard and had Rhaegar and Lyanna been able to speak with them, it could have been worked out without open rebellion or bloodshed. Would Rickard have been pissed? Yeah, but a man with the southern ambition Rickard had would be quick to see the benefit of his only daughter being married to the  next King of Westeros instead of One of many southern Lords. . Robert would have had sour grapes for a hot minute but would have moved on quickly to the next tart that caught his fancy. The only real fallout would have been Dorne. Possibly fixable if Rhaegar intended to keep Rhaenys and Aegon in the line of succession and while no longer married to Elia, she was given the option to stay in KL or return to Dorne? Just a thought on logistics. But alas this did not happen and Rebellion rose, Robert killed Rhaegar, Jamie Killed the Mad King, Tywin ordered the death of Elia and her children, Lyanna died giving birth to the Last Dragon’s only surviving heir. 

The Butterfly Effect

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So is Rhaegar to blame for the events that unfolded? For Elia’s and their children’s death? Perhaps in part, but it’s  not just Rhaegar’s actions it was the actions and reactions of multiple people on multiple levels. If Brandon Stark hadn’t gone to King’s Landing there would be no rebellion, if Aerys had’t had Brandon and Rickard killed there would be no rebellion. A butterfly flaps it’s wings in New Mexico and it causes a hurricane in China. The smallest changes can effect the largest outcomes. Everyone has their part in the action so everyone is to blame, but honestly playing the blame game is a footnote in minutia to what GRRMis trying to tell about the way war effects society and the environment both positively and negatively, about how no one is black and white humanity is all a giant shade of gray. A bad choice does not necessarily make a bad person and vice versa. 

Love or Duty 

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Rhaegar was the epitome of duty, honor, nobility in Westeros. The next Jaeherys The Conciliator a consummate ruler who would bring peace and prosperity again to the seven kingdoms. The great white hope for the future, a future without the taint of his mad father. Yet somehow it all turned to ashes at his feet. How did this happen? Maester Aemon said it best Love is the bane of honor the death of duty.

Master Aemon: If the day should ever come that your Lord father were forced to choose between honor on the one had and those he loves on the other? What would he choose? 

Yes Rhaegar would have been a great and true roller of Westeros, he would have restored the Targaryen’s good name and yes I believe Rhaegar truly believed the prophecy and wanted to see it brought to fulfillment but that could have easily been done without an annulment and the can of worms that it would open for him. The third head didn;t need to be legitimate The only real reason I can see holding any validity is he did it because he loved Lyanna and that became more important than the prophecy, than the kingdoms, than anything. 

Master Aemon: What is honor compared to a woman’s love? What is duty against the feel of a newborn son in your arms…. Wind and words. Wind and words. We are only human and the gods have fashioned us for love. That is our great glory and our great tragedy,

In the end Rhaegar chose love over duty. And he could not escape the consequences of that choice, I don’t believe even he fully was able to grasp them until it was too late. He died, The love of his life died, His two eldest children and their mother were brutally murdered, His great Targaryen dynasty withered away to three young orphans left with no choice but to flee their homeland or hide in secrecy denied their birthrights, His only heir the next rightful King left to be raised believing he is an unwanted motherless bastard. The moral of the post is we all need to look at all sides of the story before we pass judgements. 

Sidenote: The Love is the Death of Duty convo Aemon has with Jon is so insightful and is going to be very important. Because both of his fathers: Ned and Rhaegar choose love over duty and it got them killed. But Jon has always chosen duty over love, is he fated to repeat the mistakes of his father? Also keep in mind that Duty is the death of love. Jon has experienced this with Ygritte, with leaving Winterfell to fall to the Boltons and maybe to some extent Robb’s death. Not saying that these things would;t have happened but his presence may have changed the outcome. Food for thought people, food for thought. 

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I welcome healthy discussion regarding this post but if you’re going to be rude, condescending, crass, or name call just know this:

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Plants with associated myths/correspondences from Norse Traditional Folklore prt 1/??

The following knowledge is translated/shortened from a Danish book. I will not list the source here, as it’s probably under copyright, but given that the source is unlikely to be translated into English, I still wanted to share it with you. I trust the source/research is genuine, based on the writer and the texts used.
If you know Danish and would like to read the book yourself, PM me for the deets. 

I first list the name of the herb in Danish, then English and then the latin, for maximum ease :) All of these should be either native to Northern Europe or able to grow here. As always, use common sense and care.

Akeleje. European Columbine. Aquilegia Vulgaris. 
In the language of flowers, columbine is associated with sillyness, due to it’s slight resemblance to a jesters hat. In medieval covent gardens though, the plant was a symbol of the Holy Trinity and was used in the treatment of measles, throat infections and swollen glands, as well as being part of a cure against the plague (alongside six other unnamed herbs). 
According to Simon Pauli’s Flora Danica (1648) one can die by holding the warm root of the plant in your hands, and today it’s still regarded as slightly poisonous and inedible.

Almindelig Engelsød, Common Polypody, Polypodium Vulgare
Common Polypody, a fern, were used for treating “women’s ailments”, as an effective laxative, as a treatment against parasitic worms and stuffed sinuses. Generally ferns have also been regarded as especially magically protective - for example, if a person hid under a fern on Saint John’s Eve, they could observe witches flying on their way to Sabbath while being protected from evil themselves. 

Asters, The European Micheal-mas Daisy, Aster Ammelus
“Aster” means star, and the plant is also called “starwort”. It’s associated with Astraria, the Goddess of Justice and Innocence, daughter of Zeus. According to greek myth, Astraria saw how sin had consumed the earth, and she left this realm and was transformed into a star, (one that became Virgo in the Zodiac).
When Zeus saw what had happened he becamse so angry that he let the world flood, except the top of the mountain Parnosses, where the last surviving humans, including Deucalian and his wife Pyrrha, fled. When the water retreaded, the last survivors felt lost and hopeless, and so Astraria shone her starlight down to lead them. Her tears fell like stardust and covered the ground, and where they fell the flowers grew. 
The flower is also associated with the arch-Angel Michael, and love prophecy, a folk belief referenced in Goethe’s Faust. 

Bakketimian, Breckland Thyme, Thymus Serpullum 
Traditionally thyme been used as a healing herb, and for keeping evil at bay during labour and it’s recommended for eating and drinking.
Simon Pauli in Flora Danica (1648) even recommends consumption as protecting against viper bites during sleep!
It’s fragrant qualities has also been used for embalming and the oil extraced from the plant called “thymol” is an effective antiseptic.
In southern Europe, thyme has been used in the bathing of corpses for burial, with the local name “karvendel”: “Kar” is supposedly deriving from the word “cara” meaning “sorrow” and “vendel” is to turn something around. 
Today thyme is used for spice, as a tea against headaches and to ease a cold, coughing and sore throat. Drinking tea of thyme or washing yourself with thyme is also supposed to restore the spark of life - and to turn sorrow into joy. 

Balsamurt, Costa Mary, Tanacetum (Chrysanthemum) Balsamatica
A very fragrant and easy to grow plant, but it used to be one of the most expensive herbs. Traditionally made into tea against period troubles, but it has also called “bible leaf” as people kept leaves of it in the bible. Allegedly a preventative for dozing off during long sermons; rolling the leaf tightly together and sticking it up your nose should produce a rousing effect!
Today a more common use for the fragrant plant is in regular old potpourri (…but you could try to stick a leaf in your nose and see what happens :)

Enebærsbusk, Juniper, Junipera Communis
Regarded as a blessed and protective plant and it’s said that even foxes and hares seek protection from under its branches.
Bundles of juniper were burnt and the smoke used as incense in the homes of deceased people or livestock, as it was believed to drive away evil spirits.
Juniper was also carried around the neck as a protective amulet, or its branches hung above the entreway of houses and stables in order to keep evil out.
According to myth, the reason juniper works as a deterrent against trolls and witches is because they are supernaturally compelled to count every needle of the plant before entering, a task which they can never accomplish.
More commonly Juniper is used as a spice for cooking.

Febernellikerod, Wood Avens, Geum Urbanum
Today commonly regarded as a weed, wood avens can be found on the forest floor, but also easily take over gardens if not kept in check. 
Its latin name comes from the word “geno” which means scent, and when the root of the plant is dried it gives off the vague fragrance of eugenol. 
The dried and powdered root can also be used when baking cookies, or as a fragrant powder for detering cloth-eating moths in closets. 
The plant has also been associated with healing, as the three-pronged leaves where seen as a reference to the holy trinity, and the five petals of the flower as a symbol of the five wounds of Jesus. Its use as a healing herb can still be found in the Danish name, as it references fever, and the plant was traditionally used in tea to lower the fever of the afflicted.

Engnellikerod, Water Avens Geum Rivale
Grows on moist soil and blooms in May/July. Its nickname “Devil’s Death” refers to the plants use as protection of the home. A bundle of fragrant roots kept in the home would hinder the Devil from doing his evil in your domain.

Okay, that’s all folks for now. It’s a long book, but I’ll post the next part soon! Follow my blog if you want to keep an eye out for updates and happy crafting :) 

the-corpses-were-fake  asked:

(okay no we have to change that you don't get stuff for ask memes so if you're up for it how about 84 or 85 in the writing one :3? Because your hamburr au au was really really cute btw!!! )

This has been sitting in my inbox for the longest time now I am so s o r r y

So! Here it is! Number 85: Write an AU fic! Including canon era idiots, a soulmate au premise, and canon divergence because I wanted to avoid death if at all possible!

For most people, soulmates only exist as a nuisance. As something to complain about when they stub their toe or trip and skin their knee, because when one of a pair does, the other feels that pain as surely as if it were their own.

Most people don’t meet their soulmates in their lifetime. The world is, after all, very wide. Those who do are considered fortunate. Those who don’t find them, though, tend to find love on their own terms and are none the worse for it. Even though the pain that your soulmate feels is a constant that never goes away, no matter how hard you fall for someone else. An aching reminder that there is supposedly someone out there meant for you and you alone.

Burr has never given much thought to his soulmate, and when he does, it is nothing but annoyance, because it seems that whoever they are, they are constantly getting themselves into trouble. Have been since they were a kid. But as soon as the gun goes off, he knows, because he is watching with dread to see where the bullet strikes, his shout still ringing in the air but doing nothing to stop its deadly advance. I didn’t mean it, he thinks, and the bullet strikes right between Hamilton’s ribs.

An identical pain blooms in his chest, and it is all he can do to stay upright, and he knows.

He thinks he staggers forward. Hard to say; everything has gone a bit blurry and indistinct. He can hear nothing but the roaring of blood in his ears, can feel nothing but the sharp, stabbing pains running through him. The wound could very well be fatal, but he shies away from that thought. It won’t be; Hamilton will pull through, like he always does, and if he could just speak to him-

Then, he is being pulled back, and it is Van Ness’ hands on his shoulders, Van Ness who is saying something to him, his face frantic. There are few people out there who he would actually consider his friend, but Van Ness is one of them.

Once upon a time, Alexander had been another.

“-pull yourself together! We need to get you out of here, and-”

“William,” he breathes, a hand coming up to clutch at his chest. There should be blood there, but there isn’t, because it is Hamilton’s wound, not his, a wound that he dealt and-

He doesn’t know what his face looks like, but it must be a sight to behold. Whatever expression he’s making makes Van Ness stop where he is and stare, his gaze flickering back and forth between him and where Hamilton is lying on the ground.

“Shit,” he breathes after a moment, and Aaron can’t help but nod in agreement. “He’s your…? Nevermind, that just makes it more important to get you out of here right now.”

This time, he doesn’t protest, allows himself to be escorted away. His mind has gone blissfully numb.

Miraculously, Hamilton survives the night. And the next. And the next. Aaron begins to suspect, even as he rubs at the incessant ache, that while the literal bullet hit its mark, they have dodged the figurative one.

One of them, at least.

And that is how he finds himself on the Hamiltons’ doorstep one day, in no small amount of distress as Angelica Church glares at him, halfway hidden behind the door to her brother-in-law’s home. “Give me one good reason,” she is saying, “as to why I should allow you inside. Haven’t you done enough damage already?” Every word is like a viper sent to bite at his ankles, and for a moment, he considers running.

But that is not what he has come here to do.

“My sincerest apologies, Mrs. Church,” he says. “I have no intentions of doing anyone any harm today. But please, I really must speak to Hamilton, it is of utmost importance to me-”

Her glower deepens. “Oh, you must, must you?” she snaps, and then her attention is taken by a voice from inside. “Yes, it’s him,” she says, and pauses. The indistinct voice says something else. “No, I was just sending him on his way, but-” And then, the door opens wider, revealing Elizabeth Hamilton, eyes tired and sad.

“Come in, Mr. Burr,” she says. “I assume you are not here to carry out what you started with?”

“I am not, and even if I was, I am unarmed,” he assures her, and enters at her bidding. She leads him down the hallway in silence, their footsteps echoing one another’s. She stops at the foot of a staircase.

“Your actions almost cost me my husband,” she tells him, and he bows his head. Before he can respond, however, she continues. “And I fear they still will.” She stares pointedly at his chest, and he realizes with a start that he was rubbing at it again, absentmindedly. And looking into her eyes, he can tell that she knows exactly why he’s here.

“I have no intention of taking him from you,” he says.

She smiles, a small, sad thing, and shakes her head. “You couldn’t if you tried,” she says, “and I doubt you would. My worry is that he will go with you willingly.”

The worst thing is that he cannot even tell her that her fears are unfounded. And she knows it. She sighs.

“Do what you came here to do,” she tells him. “His room is the first you’ll come on.”

He thanks her and walks up the stairs. What else can he do? He cannot ease her pain anymore than she can ease his.

Eliza, he thinks, is a wise woman. She will outlive them all yet.

Hamilton is waiting for him. It is obvious in the lack of surprise in his eyes and bearing when he knocks and enters. And the way his gaze holds for a breath too long at his chest makes something else glaringly clear.

“You knew,” Aaron says, slumping into a chair by Hamilton’s bedside. “You knew.”

Hamilton’s eyes are tired too, though in a different way than Eliza’s. Perhaps this is why he answers in the way he does. “Yes,” he says simply, without prevarication or elaboration.

“You would have let me kill you.” It is not a question. Aaron already knows the answer. What he wants to know is why, and Hamilton knows it too.

“I suppose,” he replies. “I have to admit, I didn’t really expect you to. That came as a surprise. I still don’t understand why you were so angry. It was politics, not personal.”

Aaron laughs, and is surprised by the bitterness in it. “With us, it’s always personal,” he says, and feels slightly gratified when Hamilton concedes the point with a nod of his head, cracking a wry smile.

“You have a point,” he allows. “And in any case, I had no intention of hurting you. I’ve never wanted that, even putting all of-” He gestures to the two of them- “this aside.”

And that brings them right back to the point, something for which Aaron is grateful. He doesn’t particularly want to discuss the duel at the moment. Or ever, if he’s being honest. “How long have you known?” he asks, and they wince in tandem at the pain that shoots through them when Hamilton shrugs.

“Since the war,” he admits, and Aaron is surprised at the red hot anger that the words summon. “When you got heatstroke, do you remember? I’ll admit, dealing with that on top of everything else made things rather-”

“You knew all this time and you didn’t tell me.”

“And what should I have said?” Hamilton snaps, and oh, yes, there is that temper. Aaron can almost admit he missed it, as little sense as that makes. “I had Eliza and you had your Theodosia, and we were both happy. Upsetting the balance seemed foolish.”

“You mean upsetting your reputation seemed foolish,” Aaron corrects, and stands. At this point, he doesn’t know what to think anymore. One one hand, he knows that Hamilton makes a good point; he loved Theo and still does, and adding Hamilton to that would only have caused unnecessary confusion and strife.

But at the same time, knowing that Hamilton, his soulmate- and he still doesn’t know what he should do with that information- was within arms reach for most of his life and saw fit not to tell him about it… that burns.

“I don’t know what I thought I’d accomplish here,” he says, and moves toward the door. His visit thus far has caused him nothing but frustration, and at this point, he is ready to leave. There is only so much exposure to Hamilton he can take in one sitting.

He has almost exited before Hamilton makes his move. “Burr, wait!” he calls, and he must shift in place or try to sit up or do something, because a fresh wave of agony rips through him and leaves him fighting for breath and leaning heavily on the doorframe. Behind him, Hamilton is panting in a similar manner.

You did this, he reminds himself, as if he could ever forget.

“What is it you want from me, Alexander?” he asks, the familiar name slipping out without his consent. He hates the way his voice sounds far more pleading than angry, but it is too late to take it back.

There is a beat of silence, and then:

“Stay?” Alexander asks softly, and he turns to look at the man, this man he has known and loved and hated his entire life.

He should leave.

But he doesn’t. Instead, he crosses the floor to sit back down in that chair, and he stays. And he knows exactly the reason why, even if it’s not something he’ll ever care to admit.

Alexander has always been a difficult man to say no to.

zinnc  asked:

could you tell us any other writing problems tui has done, because tbh i've always had an issue of her writing too, that being with character development or plot structure, to name a few :O

ive always found that tui scarified pretty much everything in favor of her plot (character depth, theme, logic…..)

but i think my biggest issue with tui’s writing would be the ending of book5. Ill give her the benefit of the doubt in that it was likely forced to be rushed, but god tui thats the worst ending ive ever read. I get it was for your plot/theme that none of the queens would win, but you disposed of all 3 of them in a matter of 4 pages, and it makes the entire rest of the series look very drawn out and pointless in comparison. 

More about book5s ending: thorn was never even foreshadowed in any book other than the last one. Not even a breif mention of some “sandwing troublemaker in the scorpion den” in any prologue or epilogue, she only appeared a few chapters before she was needed. Thats really….really poor writing im sorry. you shouldnt just whip your “end all beat all” solution out of your ass at the last second.

and lets talk about how LAME the whole death scene for burn/blister was. because i will never not be outraged over it. 

Burn arrives all strong and ready to fucking obliterate literally everyone in a blind rage, blister and her scheming ass has the fucking grinch face over there, and blaze is freaking the fuck out because she doesnt want to die and doesnt want to kill her sisters. its a good setup, with a ton of potential. We expect a dramatic, heart-wrenching fight involving a lot of blood, some dead sisters, possibly some cool interference from the dragonets, something really epic and cool. 

what do we get? the fucking grinch over there tosses not one, but TWO SNAKES (for the price of one!) to murder her sister (ill discuss another reason this is outrageous in a second), blaze just cries, and then tui whips a dumb fucking symbol out of her ass yet again, and it kills blister, and that rando thorn gets to be queen. ????? tui wyd. not only was it really REALLY underwhelming, but it really made me weep at all the bullshit of it. of which now i will discuss;

  1. the vipers: 1 snake bites burn, a MASSIVE FUCKING DRAGON THATS AN ADULT AND IS ALSO SUBSTANTIALLY LARGER THAN EVERYONE ELSE HER AGE, she dies pretty much instantly. 1 snake bites clay, a slightly larger than average CHILD, he lasts probably a few minutes before peril swoops in out of god knows where (??) and burns the venom out of his veins (how does this work. are ya gonna evaporate the venom? bc then ur gonna make air bubbles in his bloodstream and give him a heart attack nice going). i understand this is a childrens magical book series but oh my god tui. ya killed your most imposing antagonist in a second with 0 logic to it at all
  2. peril: how did you even get the memo that everyone was meeting up at the palace, you were busy being emo all alone. and the timing was spot on 10/10 perfect just in time to save her beloved man. tui please im gonna puke
  3. blister dying: lmaoooo i peed myself when she fucking died so lame. a fitting death for such a pitiful villain honestly. she literally died bc of her selfishness. i mean i guess this isnt that bad because it validates the point ive made previously that blister sucks, but tui please
  4. and for shits and giggles, lets talk about the scavengers (i dont remember their names): WHY WERE THEY THERE???? WHAT PURPOSE…….TUI WYD………….i dont want your stupid tiny humans i want dragons i didnt sign up for this, tui t sutherland. 

okay ill stop ranting now sorry LMAO sorry i get carried away

anyways tldr: tui must protect her got dam plot at all costs

fire & kindle

Levi didn’t think the new law student Jean was cute. Eren wearing one sock pillowed underneath their comforter on Sunday morning was cute. 

Eren smiling and laughing against his lips as they did their grocery shopping at the downtown market was cute. Jean was…something else.

He’d caught Levi’s eye the moment he’d spotted him at the law office—he’d caught a lot of eyes, for many reasons. Jean didn’t look like a law student, if the viper bites nestled in the corner of his mouth and the black lines scrawling up his wrist were any indication. Still, the dude could pull off a suit with his lithe body and designer Hudson boots that looked like they were stolen right out of Levi’s closet.

Something about Jean set him on edge—didn’t make his skin crawl per se, but made his body hum, like magnets under his skin had been awakened by the gentle crook of Jean’s fingers. 

He didn’t seem to notice, at first. Jean, if nothing else, was completely professional with the kind of single-minded sense of purpose that Levi usually associated with Eren (when he wasn’t being cute, of course).

Maybe once-and-awhile something a bit extra clouded up his golden eyes like a spilled glass of whiskey, dark and a little bitter, but he gave no indication of his feelings either way. 

At the holiday Christmas party, Levi thought adding Eren to the mix might be the spark they needed to set the whole world on fire.

He didn’t introduce them, didn’t give much hint of his intentions to either party, just set them loose on each other like flame and kindle, and watched nature take its course. 

It was far from smooth—Eren and Jean had argued, loudly, over some small thing or another. But Levi could tell by Eren’s flushed face and Jean’s narrowed eyes that there was something more than anger stirring in their chests.

After a few drinks, it clearly wasn’t anger. Eren took to rubbing his face against Jean’s shoulder and the taller man looked puzzled and intrigued, like Eren was the next body he needed to pull through trial, requiring a thorough examination of skin and teeth and lips.

Nothing happened that night, obviously. 

But Levi took a certain amount of exquisite satisfaction in pulling Eren into his arms for a quick, dirty kiss in front of Jean, lifting his eyes beneath dark lashes to meet Jean’s heated, sharp gaze. Not long after, they’d agree to go on a date, test the waters and see how the three of them got on.

Perfectly, as it turned out.