GD, No Talent ?

I am following a wonderful confession blog called ’vip-confessions’ and I want to praise the ones who run it, you are doing a great job! :)

While reading all the confessions, I noticed something that made me kinda sad.

Some confessions were saying GD (/TOP)  had lost talent, that he always writes about the same stuff, that he keeps repeating. I even read that some VIPs were afraid that others will be ‘better’ than GD&TOP one day, that they will be the new 'kings’ of rap.

  • Why do you fear so much, VIPs? There is no 'best’ rapper, no 'best’ singer - at least not in real life. That term only exists in a fan’s heart. Of course, for us VIPs, GD&TOP are awesome rappers and for other fandoms, their own Oppas are wonderful.But that’s totally okay.As longs as you believe in their talents and support them, they’ll be the best. Please, just let people have their opinion and don’t be afraid. Music business is hard, but not a war. GD and many other artists have said earlier that they’re originally doing music because it’s their passion. Their intention is to inspire us and touch our hearts. Please, don’t feel attacked by me, I just want to calm you and take away your fear, ok? :) I don’t mean this in a bad way.
  • Oh, and for those who think GD has lost talent.. Well, it is your opinion and I respect that of course! :)  But maybe, if you look at his newest lyrics (tracks of 'ONE OF A KIND’) , and I mean, if you look at them really closely..

“Eventually, how many years have passed? There is no 'forever’. Eventually, we are not meant to become alone again. Barely, Barely, Barely, I thought I finally found my love. Eventually, eventually it has ended like this again."  - GD, 'In The End’

"I meet ordinary people and talk to them. Laugh with them, just like usual, without any thoughts.TV is my only friend at night. […] After you left, the blue sky seems yellow. Where are you feeling hurt? I am here.” - GD, 'Missing You’

And you really don’t feel anything while reading this? ._.