I think TODAE has been a thing for awhile.

My bf’s birthday is close to Top’s and mine is the same as Dae’s. We have really similar personality traits to them and fell in love.

Lol maybe I’m delusional. Someone tell me you’ve had this happen.

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VIP Confessions: G-Dragon and Blackface (by TracyCozette)

I’m tired of talking about this…but here it is. LOL!

Marjorie finally met Azura’s gaze after a week of ducking out of view whenever she spotted her. What she saw both confirmed the love she had for this woman that she had been attempting to come to terms with, and broke her heart. Azura’s face was set in her stoic mask, the one she used to keep people who hurt her away. Marjorie’s heart twisted at the pain she could tell she had caused Azura by not explaining her avoidance. Never again, she vowed. Never again would she give Azura a reason to look at her like that.


i’ve been listening to “It’s Over, Isn’t it” on repeat for like five hours