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‘…fucking over. I can’t do anymore. I need a breather,’ huffed Heda’s voice behind the corner. 

‘I can’t wait to see Nollaig. She said she will be home by midnight. It felt weird leaving her here after what happened.’ 

‘Well, at least we get to escape Jim and his Recording House of Misery after the show,’ grunted Fyfe. ‘That’s something, right?’ 

Reese cleared her throat, making Heda jump on her stool. The singer cursed, turning toward the group of newcomers. ‘Hi,’ said Reese. ‘We won a VIP ticket. An idiot in a monkey suit told us to just go the fuck backstage, he does not give a shit anymore. Then he threw a stuffed animal at my friend’s head.’ 

Heda’s eyes narrowed. ‘I seriously hope for his well-being it was not Zombear.’ 

‘She meant hi,’ interpreted Fyfe, stepping forward. ‘Fyfe, Sorcha and Heda and you are?’

‘Your best night ever,’ answered Bean with a wicked grin. ‘Now, we are all out of whiskey. Got some?’ 

‘Vodka is fine too,’ added Reese. ‘I draw the line at cognac.’ 


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So after 8 years of listening to their music, this week I finally got the pleasure of seeing Tegan and Sara live (past me would be so psyched). Not only that, but we bought the VIP ticket and I got to meet them before the show. I look like a giant in the picture and my hair is up in a heap, but it’s all good. They signed two watercolour drawings I did of them, and we talked about tattoos and the shoes I had painted with scenes from “hang on to the night”. Sara even showed me her new tattoo she got! 

They seemed like really genuine people, and really made an effort to make everyone there feel comfortable. I wish I had been a little more articulate, but that’s not how these things go. :D Then we got to be at the barrier for the whole show, which was entirely worth it. Tegan was super sick so Sara took over for a lot of the show, but it was just so great to see them play live (and they played Shock to your System so I was delighted). It’s not a day I will forget soon! 

Help a friend out?

Hey everyone!! So I have a really big request so I really really wanted to go to the tatinof show in Berlin and I did almost get vip tickets but I dind’t know my dad’s credit card’s security code and basically the card got blocked and my vip tickets (and normal tickets) were gone :)))) thanks universe

But anyway I would really really really fucking appreciate if you guys could reblogged this so that maybe someone with a spare vip ticket could see this?

I am fucking desperate I love dnp so much and I literally dedicate all of my life to them and the fact that I can’t meet them is??? I’ve just not been feeling good at all ever since the tickets got released and all of this happened
<3thanks so much

(message me if you have a ticket or have any information at all I am extremely desperate)

Hello fellow twenty one pilots fans! I need help! I’m going to the February 28th Tampa concert and I made some posters for Jon Bellion and Josh and Tyler that I would like to be able to give to them. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll have the chance to give them these poster, so I’m looking for someone who has VIP tickets or meet and greet capabilities that could possibly take my art before or after the concert to give to the band members. I know this is a lot to ask, but if you can help me out I’ll also give you your own copies of the posters I made, so that you can possibly get them signed when you meet the band. Please message me if you can help, and if you can’t, PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST THIS. I really want to get my art to the boys.