vip suite

For those of you counting down…

50 & 51 Days to Aaron’s VA concerts at Wolf Trap in January!

FYI- VIP packages still available
🔗 Saturday:

🔗 Sunday:


(Special Shout out: Thanks for the help with links @delightfullydecadentlight and @ngleason32 while I’m on mobile! )

RFA + Theme Song Title (from the official OST)

Jumin Han - Urban Night Cityscape

Zen - Narcissistic Jazz

707 - Geniusly Hacked Bebop

Yoosung Kim - Same Old Fresh Air

(Bonus: the slightly more techno version that usually plays after you’ve trolled him with Seven is called Silly Smile Again)

Jaehee Kang - Lonesome Practicalism

V - I Miss Happy Rika

Additional Notes: Both Jaehee and Jumin have two versions of their theme songs. The second is a more somber version of the first.

Also, the song that usually plays when Unknown shows up is called “Mysterious Clues”

caffeinewineo  asked:

First I thought I couldn't be more Obsessed with Masquerade, and then you just HAD to write a side story with Yuuri in lingerie completely seducing Viktor. THEN you wrote the Exhibitionist AU, that I was not prepared for. Just ruined. Hello Satan, I live here now. Thanks for all the fun.

I managed to secure you guys a VIP suite down here. It’s great fun 😂
But aaah I’m so glad you like everything, I’ll admit I wasn’t sure how Money Shot was going to be received only because I’m a very insecure potato. So thank you for letting me know! 💕

it’s 6am, im in the british airways vip suite waiting for a flight and im drinking cocktails and getting a massage. this truly is heaven


Video from the Wimbledon 2012 Evian “Live Young” VIP Suite. Tom Hiddleston