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[23022017] GOT7 at Nunbal VIP Premiere 

source:  Vstar

I just wanna rant

I don’t have a single clue as to why Gaon had to apologize for ANYTHING in the FIRST place?!? Like, they didn’t plagarize or copy shit. I’m over here wondering if people know what the fuck plagarism means? Does TOP or BIGBANG own the “no signal”. The color bar vcr thing? I love BIGBANG and I’m a fan myself but this is a new low for any fandom. I personally think that Gaon did not need to apologize for anything. No one is at fault here except for the VIPS who accused BTS of plagarism. This is the one of the pettiest things that I’ve ever come across. VIPs. Please please please apologize. The level of respect that i held for VIPs have gone down so so low after the accusations and i didn’t know that it could go lower after Gaon apologized and the certain VIPs didn’t apologize to BTS and even went as far to state that they weren’t the least bit sorry and completely ignored that this ever happened in the first place. I am NOT generalizing ALL VIPs. I’m just calling out all the ones who accused and are refusing to apologize. Being accused of something is so fucking hurtful. I’m so fucking confident that if someone were to accuse BIGBANG, or anyone for that matter, of something, you would feel so wronged and frustrated.

I have been accused of bullying someone and was sent to the office and was almost suspended. I was so fucking confused and upset because I didn’t even know the kid who accused me of bullying. Never interacted with her, i swear I’ve never seen her. But here she was, saying that i pushed her down to the ground. Like, what? What? What?? I don’t know.

Just apologize and mean it. I swear it’s not that hard.

Zipper, an Avro York, awaits VIPs at Almaza, Cairo, Egypt in 1946, wearing the rather striking South East Asia Command type roundels and fin flashes. She was converted to VIP standard for use by Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Park, who was AOC Air Command South East Asia from February 1945 into 1946. Zipper was normally based at Singapore which was part of SEAC. The York was a transport adaptation of the legendary Lancaster heavy bomber.