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MC met the RFA+Minor Trio at a nightclub

This happens a few weeks to months before the events of the story, dances with them, and gives them their number (which they accidentally lose and are super bummed about).


  • Okay, so his college buddies had to work really hard to drag him away from LOLOL
  • Because Yoosung doesn’t like to go out like that
  • And he doesn’t really like to drink
  • But his friends manage to get a couple of drinks into him and he’s loosening up and having fun
  • Then they see this beautiful girl on the dance floor, swaying to the music and Yoosung’s friends are practically drooling over her
  • Yoosung’s just watching in utter wonder, blushing furiously (nobody’s sure if it’s the alcohol or the girl)
  • Eventually, the girl spots them, and they all look away, pretending not to have been staring
  • But then she starts coming over to them
  • The guys are anticipating her talking to them
  • Except Yoosung
  • She’s so out of his league, he doesn’t think she’ll talk to him
  • But she bypass all his friends, comes directly up to him, and says, “Hey, cutie! Wanna dance?”
  • Now they’re sure he’s blushing because of the girl as he nods, completely mute from surprise
  • They dance, have fun, he manages to loosen up even more, and they end up laughing a lot
  • Eventually, they realize how late it is and have to say they’re goodbyes, so she writes her number on a napkin, kisses it, and winks as she walks away
  • Yoosung goes home and passes out
  • He wakes up, realizing he’s going to be late for class, and while he’s on his way to class, he empties the pockets of his day old jeans and dumps some stuff into the trash
  • Including her number
  • He doesn’t realize that he lost it until that afternoon when he’s talking with his buddies and he panics
  • He’s super depressed for a few days, but gives up
  • Little did he know, he’d meet her again in the messenger a few weeks later


  • Jaehee prefers cafes, but when she finished work early (miraculously) and a coworker invited her out to a mixer, Jaehee found herself interested and managed to change into some causal clothes before she went
  • She didn’t realize the mixer was at a nightclub, not a restaurant
  • Jaehee was super uncomfortable
  • The place was loud, it smelled like alcohol, and the place was just too dark
  • MC was one of the people at the mixer as well
  • She approached Jaehee, recognizing that she was really uncomfortable and they started talking
  • After one drink, Jaehee was already drunk
  • Much to MC’s enjoyment, Jaehee started hitting on her
  • MC flirted back easily, they got out onto the dance floor and definitely caught the attention of some guys, one of which came up behind MC and started grinding against her
  • When MC pushed him away, saying she wasn’t interested, he didn’t take it well, partially because he was really drunk, and tried to grab her
  • Except Jaehee intercepted and flipped him so the guy ended up on his back
  • Then Jaehee grabbed MC’s hand and dragged her out of the club
  • Once they were safely outside, MC hugged Jaehee, gave her a peck on the cheek and called Jaehee her hero.
  • MC then pulled out a notebook from her purse, wrote down her phone number, and gave it to Jaehee
  • “Maybe you can call me and we can go for coffee sometime. ;)”
  • Then MC hopped in a cab and went home
  • Jaehee put the number in her pocket, and went home
  • The next day, she was staring at the number while at work, a little distracted, and the number ended up shuffled into the paperwork she had to give to Jumin
  • When Jumin found it, he assumed that it was something some woman who was after him slipped in while Jaehee wasn’t looking and threw it out
  • By the time Jaehee realized it was gone, it was too late
  • She was really depressed because she really did want to see MC again


  • He went out to a nightclub at least once a month with his cast mates
  • They would drink and dance, but Zen rarely did much more than drink and talk
  • Of course there were women interested in his beautiful face and wanted to dance with him, and sometimes he would comply, but once they made a move, he usually went back to the table
  • This one particular day, he bumps into MC at the bar
  • And he can’t help but stare because she has beautiful eyes
  • And he tells her such
  • She blushes and laughs and Zen’s heart skips a beat
  • “Is this love at first sight?” He thinks to himself
  • They end up dancing, he grinds against her a little, and she’s all for it
  • Later into the night, after they’ve both had more than a few drink and their inhibitions are all but out the window, they find a nice little secluded part of the club and start making out like there’s no tomorrow
  • One of his cast mates interrupts them by accident and Zen ends up going home because it’s getting late and he has work the next day
  • She writes her phone number on his arm and gives him one last parting kiss
  • But because Zen can’t sleep without working out, and he needs to “work off the beast” he ends up working out really hard, sweating really hard…. and accidentally smudging her phone number so badly he can’t even read it
  • When he realizes this, he’s distraught
  • He finally found a beautiful, confident, kind woman who seemed to like him for more than his looks (well, with his looks for sure), and now he may never see her again
  • He tries to go back to the club for the next few days, asking the staff if they know anything about her, if they’ve seen her since, if they can give her his number if they see her, but he never gets a call
  • However, when MC finally shows up at his house during his route, he recognizes her instantly
  • And of course he’s thinking that this is fate
  • This kind of chemistry can’t be a coincidence
  • MC, knowing the kind of effect she can have on him because of their meeting at the nightclub, is in no way afraid to put on some music and dance with him a little while they’re hanging out
  • She also thinks it’s adorable that he blushes holding her hand after literally grinding against her and making out with her with no shame


  • The only reason he was at that nightclub was because a business associate had invited him to the grand opening of his new club
  • Jumin for the most part was just sitting in the VIP area with a glass of wine, watching the debauchery unfold with little interest
  • Commoners were so strange
  • His associate was talking his ear off about something or another when Jumin looked across the room and accidentally met a pair of golden eyes
  • The owner of the golden eyes quickly looked away, blushing furiously, which Jumin, surprisingly, found very amusing
  • After that, Jumin couldn’t help but watch her from a distance
  • At some point, he completely lost track of her because his associate distracted him by trying to invite some woman to sit on his lap
  • Jumin managed to politely refuse, but was disappointed to find the woman with golden eyes has disappeared into the crowd
  • A few minutes later a voice spoke to him from just outside the VIP area
  • “Aren’t you dressed a little too formal for a place like this?”
  • He looked down from the platform and saw a woman leaning with her arms crossed on the railing, gazing up at him through the gap with her stunning, golden eyes
  • “I’m not accustomed to places like this.” Jumin explained.
  • “Oh, so this isn’t really you’re scene,” she said, curiosity flashing through her eyes. “Then why come here? Surely you could’ve found something you would’ve enjoyed more.”
  • “I was invited by a business associate,” he stated plainly. “It would have been rude to refuse.”
  • She mulled that information over in her mind for a few moments
  • “Then I suppose you would consider it rude to refuse an invitation from a lady?”
  • “Yes, I suppose.”
  • “Then I would like to invite you to dance with me!”
  • Jumin was surprised to say the least, but her cheeky smile seemed to be stirring something inside him
  • “Do you have any idea who I am?” He asked.
  • “Of course,” she stated, matter-of-factly. “You’re the guy bored out of his mind at a nightclub. C'mon, it’s not like dancing will kill you!”
  • Jumin was intrigued, so he put down his wine and left the VIP area to dance with this beautiful young woman
  • He was unaccustomed to this style of dancing, but she quickly adapted it for him so that he was more comfortable
  • She laughed easily when he made a joke without thinking, and for some reason, he forgot about all the tangled strings in his head and just enjoyed her company
  • They talked for the rest of the night, danced for half of that time, and when the place finally started to close, she tucked a piece of paper into his jacket pocket
  • “If you ever want to have another little chat, feel free to call. ;)”
  • Before he could ask what she meant, his business associate distracted him by calling out to him
  • When Jumin turned back, the woman was gone
  • Of course, after the whole night, Jumin was downright too distracted to take he paper out of his pocket and check it
  • So his suit went through the wash the next day while he was at work, it was thrown away, and he never saw that it was her phone number
  • However, when she showed up at his apartment after joining the RFA, he was shocked
  • But she smiled, and formally introduced herself, and he found that calming effect that she had washing over him again
  • And truth be told, that dress he bought her, he’d seen it before, passed by the store regularly and knew the moment he saw it, it would be perfect for the woman from the club, but never bought it because he never thought he’d see her again
  • When he finally got to see her in it, he was very satisfied to know that he had been right


  • It was probably the weirdest mission he’d been sent on
  • Supposedly, the owner of the club was selling illegal drugs
  • Of course, he buys a drink to blend in (he buys ginger ale because they didn’t have any Ph.D Pepper, shame on them)
  • While he’s sipping and using his phone to hack the system, a girl approaches him
  • She’s a little tipsy, but she walks right up to him and drops one of the cheesiest pick up lines he’s ever heard
  • “Are you a parking ticket? Because you got fine written all over you.”
  • He can’t help but burst out laughing
  • So he says one back
  • “Are you a campfire? Because you are hot and I want s'more.”
  • She laughs back, and they start firing bad pick up lines back and forth at each other
  • Eventually, they settle down because they’re both laughing hysterically, and MC admits to the fact that she only came over because her friends caught her looking at him (because she thinks he’s cute) and bet her twenty dollars that she couldn’t make him laugh
  • He promptly comes back with, “Then I think you owe me $10!”
  • “Oh yeah? Why’s that?”
  • “Because I made you laugh!”
  • She concedes, gets her $20, goes to the bar to break it, then gives half to Saeyoung
  • They talk while he continues to hack, and eventually, he admits that she should probably stay away from him because he’s a dangerous man (but he says it in a way that sounds like he might be/is probably joking)
  • MC says, “Oooh. A dangerous man? How exciting.”
  • She ends up inviting him to dance with her, which he does, but while they’re dancing, his phone goes off, indicating that the hack is done and he needs to find someplace private to finish this up
  • He tries to excuse himself, but MC quickly jots down her number and says, “Feel free to text me if you come up with any more pickup lines.”
  • Saeyoung’s probably the only one who didn’t lose her number
  • He flushed it
  • To him, a sweet, funny girl like her deserves better


  • Okay, this would have to take place before he met Rika, so he met her at least a few years before she got involved in the RFA (and probably a year before it was founded)
  • Of course, it was actually a exhibition of his work that happened to be taking place in a night club because the owner offered him the wall space and a promotional night
  • It right at the beginning of his career, so he couldn’t pass up the opportunity
  • MC was admiring one of his pieces when he passed her, but she recognized him and complimented him on his work
  • He thanked her, and after a conversation and a couple of flutes of champagne, he offered to dance with her as the music was picking up a little
  • She gladly joined him, and they did as young people do
  • A giggle here, a flirt there, and MC ended up trying to give him her number because he was sweet and cute and kind
  • However, the dense boy didn’t get that’s what was happening and left her number on the table
  • Once they parted ways, she waited for his call, and when it didn’t come, she realized that feeling that she didn’t click with him the way he did with her was real and he didn’t want to call her because he hadn’t felt a spark
  • Oh well


  • He was scouting night clubs for potential people to use to infiltrate the RFA
  • He thought it’d be easy enough, but there were a ton of men and women who looked promising, but just didn’t fit the bill for whatever reason
  • He bumped into MC when she was kinda drunk (and wearing tight leather pants, black boots, a red crop top, and a choker necklace)
  • After a conversation with her (and bugging her phone) he realized she was actually a very naive, trusting person
  • When he asked for her number, she agreed almost immediately, but forced him to dance with her in order to get it
  • He was a little uncomfortable, but she was so comfortable in her own skin and with everything, he ended up enjoying himself more than he thought he should have
  • Especially since this was just another step in his plan to destroy Saeyoung
  • He was the only one to not lose her number because he put it directly into his phone because he needed to use it later


  • He was doing recon
  • Supposedly there was a target that the agency needed tracked for a little while
  • What was supposed to happen after that, Vanderwood had no idea and didn’t really care
  • MC stumbled into him, by accident, very drunk, and spilled her drink all over him
  • She apologizes a lot and attempted to help him clean up
  • Vanderwood tried to shoo her away, but she was very insistent
  • Eventually she looked him in the eyes and said, “hey, you’re really pretty, you know that?”
  • He’s like, “okay drunkie, time for you to go home and go to bed”
  • She whines and says she can only go home once she’s danced with someone attractive
  • MC then says Vanderwood is the perfect candidate
  • As they’re dancing and she’s all over him (again, veeeery drunk) she slips her number into his coat three times
  • As soon as the dance is over, he calls her and her friends a cab because seriously it was getting ridiculous and she was in the way of his work
  • He never goes through his coat pockets anyways, so he never checks them and doesn’t ever realize her number is there

She is back! D: 

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loki-liddell  asked:

Are you guys planning on writing a fig about Lob and Ricardo because If so I would LOVE THAT!

There might be something in the works already, though honestly I wasn’t expecting anyone to be interested enough in this silly little OC ship to want to read it? Leaving a little taste test for those who are interested.

“Er look, Lil'Buddy I ain’t got time to drrr-eerrrp-drop you off back at your dimension. Think y-you could just lay low at my pad for the day? I’ll get ya b-back as soon as shift’s done.”

For a face made mostly of eyeball it was impressive how much wider that eye could get as Lob looked at Ricardo with a mix of utter adoration and amazement.

You want to take me home?” Lob bobbled excitedly. He’d seen the tour bus and VIP backstage dressing rooms, and had even spent the night cuddled here, in the middle of the K’melo desert under the stars with Ricardo, but never had he received an invite to see where the rockstar lived.

“Er yeah? It’s not as gl-glamorous as you’re prob-probably imagining right now.” rubbing a sandy palm against his neck, Ricardo looked almost bashful though it was hard to tell if the red tint on his cheeks was from the late afternoon desert heat. Much to Lob’s fascination, the human had delightfully changed colour from prolonged exposure to the double suns of Blapt. It was a phenomenon Ricardo had called a tan, and it looked good on him. Lob wondered if further exposure would turn him a proper healthy orange, but supposed that answer would need to wait for another day.

Alright! Let’s go home!” Lob said, his glimmering eye smiling as big as one can without any visible mouth.

Man of the Night (Jackson)

Originally posted by wang-thighs

Plot: You meet and dance with Jackson at a night club

Length: 1,690 words

Genre: Smut/Rated: M

“You know…I really…” his husky voice reverberated through your ear, despite the blaring music of the club. “Want to put my cock inside you” he said in a low tone, his fingertips moving the front of your dress upward.

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  • NAT: see you there 🔫