Bana (B1A4)
24U (24K)
Inner Circle (Winner)
VIP (Big Bang)
BBC (Block B)
Carat (Seventeen)
Blink (Blackpink)
NCT fan (U/127/Dream) [do they have a fandom name yet idek]

I want more friends that enjoy those groups specifically like I can find 20 ppl who are ARMYs but I can’t find anyone else nowadays tbh


Dancing With The Stars ✨

one of my favorite experiences.
i got to meet so many great people, including several dancers. i had only just become interested in the show in the past couple of seasons and i’m very glad i did. this show changed my life. they are all doing what they love and it inspired me to do the same. i am not sure what i want to do, but i do know i want to make others smile like i smiled during the performance. i just want to make people happy.

Had a dream that McDonald’s had a big ad campaign that just said “WE HAVE IT” in black cryptic writing. So I went to a drive thru and said “I saw the sign. Can I have it” and the speaker was silent for a solid ten seconds before saying “do you think you’re ready” in my voice and I screamed and drove away


So NY is clear on the seriousness that is known as @iamkey803, I asked her to do a sexy walk for the city. Stay tuned for some sample edits. And I’ll let you know what feature this will be in. #bts #staytuned #eyecandy #ebony #glamour #urbanglamour #models #bartenders #dancers #bottlegirls #vip #videovixens #thickgirls #thick #hiphop #hiphopmodels #thatwalk #takenbytaj #alwaysbusy #iamkey803 #infamousroof

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