Osaka 24.2

  • getting into haikyuu!!:shove this volleyball up my ass
  • getting into tokyo ghoul:shove this kagune up my ass
  • getting into dramatical murder:shove this dick up my ass
  • getting into evangelion:shove this robot up my ass
  • getting into yowamushi pedal:shove this bike up my ass
  • getting into death note:shove this notebook up my ass
  • getting into anime:shove literally everything up my ass

The History of the New York Subway as a GIF

A fun little GIF from Appealing Industries that shows the construction of the modern New York Subway in sequence. I’d really like it to be just a little slower, and have a year clock somewhere. Bonus points would have been awarded for showing the construction and eventual demolition of the elevated lines as well. Still nicely done, and almost mesmeric after a while.

Compare with this GIF of the Boston “T”.

Source: Appealing Industries website via quite a few readers this morning