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[11/100 days of productivity] 25.9.16

as you can probably tell my 100 days of productivity challenge is not consistent as sometimes I can’t post so this is going to be a slow one omg

anyway here are some notes I made this morning on drug therapies for schizophrenia with my new mildliners! they came yesterday and I have fallen in love with them, definitely my new favourite part of my stationery collection!

today i have also done some homework and biology notes but these were the most aesthetic looking and so decided to post these (the others were hideous i swear!!). i am also at work later so my day will get even more productive!

Growing up I was taught that God is present in everyone. Later on I learned He’s more present in some than others. In college I was told I was too broken for God. Two weeks ago I learned He was definitely not present in the last girl because she seemed to be dragged straight from hell. And today I learned that He must be present in the ones I’ve fallen the hardest for, because I am too broken for God and I was too broken for the girl who came next.
—  But man did she make me feel Holy
General Study Tips and Techniques

So we all know that studying can get a bit (very) overwhelming. Throughout my academic career, I’ve tried many different methods of studying- some turned out to be more effective than others. This post is basically a list of tips and techniques I’ve found helpful for studying and learning that I want to share. PLEASE remember however, that learning is different for everybody so these methods may not be the best fit for you! 

1) Plan out what you have to study and when. 

This is important when you’re dealing with multiple classes and a busy schedule. Give yourself a weekly spread of all the tasks you need to accomplish and plan in when you’re going to accomplish them. This will reinforce what you have to do into your memory but it will also help hold you accountable for getting things done in a timely manner. 

2) Eliminate/Minimize Your Distractions 

The great thing about laptops is we have a plethora of information and resources at our fingertips. But with those resources come distractions. Try apps like “Cold Turkey” and “Stay Focused” to help prevent you from wasting time on distracting and unnecessary sites. 

3) Find a stimulating environment 

You’d be surprised at how much your environment plays a role in your productivity. Me personally, I get more work done when I’m not in my apartment. But I also can’t be in a place that’s too loud. I prefer local coffee shops or the conference room of a library with a friend. 

Try to have some natural light to help keep you alert and in positive spirits. Put on a study playlist. I will link mine here . Light a scented candle if that helps. Have some snacks and hydration with you! 

4) Break It Down 

Break down what you need to do into smaller tasks. For example, if you have 4 classes and at least three things to do for each class, look at each task as one individual assignment. This will help prevent you from becoming too overwhelmed by all you have to accomplish. 

5) Time yourself 

While some people insist on studying for 5 hours straight with no break, that’s not realistic for most people. To help me from “tapping out” too early, I will set a timer for 30-45 minutes depending on my attention span that day. During those 30-45 minutes, I will do work uninterrupted and then once it goes off, I”ll take around 5-10 minutes of a break to use the bathroom, scroll through social media, play guitar, or whatever gives me that mental break I need. Research also shows that you are more productive when you avoid multi-tasking and focusing on one thing at a time. 

6) Create your own study questions. 

This will not only prepare you for an upcoming exam, but it also forces you to think about the material you’re studying on an analytical and integrative level rather than just trying to memorize and cram.

7) Study with others! 

There’s an unspoken rule that if you know it, you can teach it! Studying in a group (or just with one other person) opens the opportunity for different methods of thinking and learning. As I said previously, the process of trying to teach material to others, forces you to better understand it yourself.

Notes: Methods and Usage 

- Everyone takes notes differently, myself included. This year, I decided to try something different: I began using the Cornell note-taking system. (I can make a separate post on this if people are interested!)

- Another tool I use is a mind-map. A mind-map is a visual took which allows you to put a lot of information onto one piece of paper. This helps to give you the full gestalt view while also allowing you to see the smaller components. 

- Reinforcement: it would be in your benefit to re-read your lecture notes within 24 hours of writing them. In fact, you’re already going to start forgetting information within 20 minutes, this is why reinforcement is so important for actually learning versus just memorizing! While you do this, you should also read your notes aloud- this requires your brain to use different methods of processing which will help you absorb the information better. 

- Re-write: Some people don’t recommend re-writing your notes however, this is a staple study tool for me. I typically re-write my notes before midterms and finals. However, don’t re-write word for word. Instead, you should try to re-write as much as you can from memory and then compare and contrast your original notes with your new notes. This will help you to ascertain which information you have a handle on and what you need to further study. 

So, as I said before, these tips may not be applicable to everyone but I think they’re at least worth a shot. Studying can be a pain in the butt but it doesn’t have to be completely unbearable if you know how you work best! 

If you guys have any other school-related posts you’d like me to make, just let me know!