Sketch showing a Masquerade in the Palais Garnier main auditorium. The seats has either been removed or had a floor built over them (I suspect the latter, judging from the height from floor to boxes) to turn it into a giant dance hall. The sketch was photographed/scanned by Roger-Viollet, and that photo was in turn printed in George Perry’s “Complete POTO” book from 1987 (page 16).

It’s also clear Maria Bjørnson used this as part of her inspiration for costumes; at least three made it into her own designs, most prominent being the African tribe man in front.

I giggled a bit about the Phantom getting his box occupied like that. If I’ve understood it correctly, box 5 would be the one where the clown is standing on the rail, one floor up, looking into the grander box next door.

Then I zoomed in. Three boxes down. Shit.



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Late thirteenth century headdress.  Wood engraving by Eugene Mouard, based on the artwork of Eugene Emmanuel Viollet le-Duc, for the book Dictionnaire Raisonne du Mobilier Francais de l’Epoque Carlovingienne a la Renaissance, vol. 3, 1874.

Dr. Suzanne Noël (1878-1954): suffragette, feminist, and one of the first and most famous woman to practice plastic surgery in France. She wrote one of the first medical textbooks on cosmetic surgery in 1926. Photograph, 1920. 

Bibliothèque Marguerite Durand/Roger-Viollet