Sonata - part 2/3

Hahahaha, I bet you all thought I had forgotten about Violinist!Papyrus, didn’t you? Nope, I’m just the slowest writer in history! *Jumps out of window in shame*

Summary: There are a lot of different ways to cope with your problems. Papyrus has his violin.

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Hello everyone!

I have 5 charms to sell (two of magolor and three of drawcia) at $13 each (this covers shipping prices!)

They’re 2 inch fiberglass charms; the magolor ones have a matte finish and the drawcia ones have a gloss finish. They’re very solid and excellent quality.

If you’re interested, please email me at to discuss details.

anonymous asked:

i just used astro. com to find out my astro twin and i think it's rather creepy ??? there is a young and succesful french violinist who is born on the exact same date as me (i'm 10 hours older), and like our ac, mc and houses are different, but our planets are all in the exact same signs and i'm just wondering what it would be like to meet this person........

Yo I have an astro twin on here and it’s usually really nice to meet someone just like you! Like you wouldn’t have to struggle wondering what the other person’s thinking (or work hard to) because… they’re almost like you!


Sooo hype to watch @porterrobinson and @madeon in San Diego in November 💙 They build such lovely soundscapes together. *___*

Also, it’s the first time in ages that I got a video together! I hope I can keep it up. Been so creatively drained these past few months.

(Collab w/ @mbassett82 !)

#porterrobinson #madeon #edm #violin #violinist #violincover @talented_musicians @blackmilkclothing #blackmilkclothing #bmthegreatwavemaxiskirt #capecod #beach #summer #shelter (at Nauset Beach)

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