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hey hey hey are any of the kids in your au chorus kids? or orchestra kids? or drama kids? (I feel like allura plays the cello when she's not doing colorguard tbh)

oh lemme fucking TELL you anon

-hunk & lance? total chorus kids. they sing like angels. shay and keith are smitten
-allura, poor girl, cant carry a tune but she for sure can play about a hundred instruments?? her faves are DEFFO string/orchestra ones. a bit favored towards violin (and, yes, chello)
-lance is a drama kid and always will be you can fight me on this
-like the poor kid his schedule is fucking, booked, with guard and occasional chorus and rehersals but hes committed and also failing math someone help
-shiro?? unexpectedly v good ar singing as well. he aint in chorus but matt hears him in the locker room one day and is like “bRO YOU SPITTIN SICK HARMONIES BRO???”
-shiro: screaming
-of COURSE pidge does tech for the plays when she can. she knows exactly how to run that shit and if anyone wants to get in her booth she’ll fight you
-oml. coran as the drama teacher HE HAS TOO MANY JOBS. BUDGET CUTS????
-im sorry keith baby ily but he cant act. hes a terrible liar and playing a role is too close to that but its ok we love him reguardless
-fucking, he can sing tho. like he doesnt do it often and the only person whos heard him was lance n it was an accident bc
keith was like, singing in his room and lance showed up to surprise him for a study date
(yes lance has a key to keiths house he had pidge make a spare bc hes a nosy bf and sometiems he likes hiding in keiths closet to scare him)
but ye keith was singing along to bohemian rhapsody or smthn and lance heard him and was like, “BABE WHAT THE FUCK YOU CAN SING?????”
its their lil secret awe