violin scroll


hello!! im gonna be a new studyblr!! call me plr!!☺️

•i read a lot, listen to music, watch shows or movies sometimes. // im in a lot of fandoms, like kpop atm

•im pretty artsy!! i like drawing, painting, doing calligraphy, playing the violin, playing tennis, scrolling on my phone lmao, sleeping & eating yeaz


•eighth grade this year// english, filipino, honors math (im still stupid tho:), science, mandarin, history (ap), home economics huhu, computer, robotics, cle, music, etc etc

•dim honors student yeaz boi

•posts will probably be mostly bujo spreads bc my notes are a bit cluttered but well see👀

•hoping to learn more things as i go:)

•hmu if ya wanna talk lol (ya girls all ears)

•pretty private hehe sorry

•hope youre taking care of yourself sweetie

•studyblrs i admire: @emmastudies @milktaestudies @hobifulstudies @studywithinspo @studyquill @studylustre @studyblr

•and thats it i guess!!


Today marks the 13th birthday of the fantastic game The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - here’s the main theme “Nerevar Rising (Call of Magic)” which has since been used throughout the series in Oblivion and Skyrim.


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Theme, Nerevar Rising (Call of Magic) by Jeremy Soule. Cover for violin and piano by The Argonath Duo.