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There is more to this holiday than just having a good time. On Purim there are four main commandments or Mitzvot: Megillah (reading the story of Purim), Mishloach Manot (gift baskets sent  to friends and family), Matanot L'Evyonim (money we give to the poor) and having a Seudah (a meal with family and friends). 

This painting in our collection says it all. There are family member’s and friends, food and drink, and music. All the prominent parts of the holiday wrapped into one fine work of art. 

Whats your favorite aspect of this festive day?

Wishing all a great Puirm Sameach! 

Title: Purim Creator: Arthur Szyk Creation Date: 1948 Obeject Origin: USA Medium: Colored Tempera, Ink Category: Art Subject: Purim, Food Accession No.: 1970.005  Respository: YUM 

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uhm,,, i love you???????????? fun fACT

things i associate with you:

linear leaves, christmas morning, the sound of windchimes, visiting a friend’s summer house by the beach, surfer dude slang, cuddling, really white soft dogs, tiny ceramic pots for succulents, the smell of salt in the breeze, smoking under the moonlight, doris day songs, the way chili smells while it’s cooking, dandelions, the blue feeling in your stomach when you’re away from home but you’re happy even though you’re homesick, confessing secrets when it’s really late at night, constellations, the mythos of the underworld, lava lamps, the caramel warmth of friendship, reindeer, hugging someone with your hands around their neck after having spent a long time apart, the quintessence of loving someone, hachiko bc im a sad bitch, violin scrolls, candle making, saying i love you right before you fall asleep, tea that’s just the right temperature, fireplaces, children with dimples, laurel leaves, calling your dog your companion, pride flags, oxford shoes, pumpkins, ridiculous nicknames for loved ones, burnt sugar, heart shaped candy, the ace of spades, unconditional love

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Hi :) This is for the moodboards you wanted to try. My name is Aada (it's the Finnish version of Ada). I'm 5'4, pale with dirty blonde hair&green eyes. I'm one of those weird people who actually likes school and is good in maths. I like everything related to space and science, but I also love not-so-sciency stuff like walking in the woods, music (I play the violin), cooking&baking, and scrolling thru memes. I find it super hard to open up to people and I'm anxious af in social situations.

A A D A:  Originally a short form of names beginning with the Germanic element adal meaning “noble”.

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Today marks the 13th birthday of the fantastic game The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - here’s the main theme “Nerevar Rising (Call of Magic)” which has since been used throughout the series in Oblivion and Skyrim.

((Once most of the characters have had their turns, I’d like to provide some casual intrusive thoughts, such as: “Eat that leaf off of the tree branch,” “Go find a snow globe and smash it,” and “I bet you could fit a whole violin scroll in your mouth.” Things like that count as intrusive thoughts as well, and it should not go overlooked.))


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Theme, Nerevar Rising (Call of Magic) by Jeremy Soule. Cover for violin and piano by The Argonath Duo.