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On Love: Eros (Violin)
On Love: Eros (Violin)

So here’s a couple small violin sections from Yuri’s short program! Good luck to our beautiful pork cutlet bowl fatale in the last episode!

Howdy, tumblr! I just finished recording a new SU inspired track so I figured I’d share it with y’all. This one’s inspired by Connie!

I wanted to capture her unyielding spirit, heart, and determination as well as her relationship with Steven. I decided to make this a violin feature since Connie does infact play the violin.

I hope you like it and as always, any and all feedback is appreciated. Thank you for listening!

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Waltz in D# minor

Hey everyone, so this is a rough version of a score I’ve been working on. It’s a waltz for piano and violin (in ternary form).

I’m just wondering if you could give me some feedback on it (let me know how I can better it, because it’s in a rough draft kind of stage). The score is below. Sorry for the shit midi,

Tu Mera Nahin
Rizwan Anwar
Tu Mera Nahin

Puchna va main qismat kolon..
Eho likhi si  s a z a  meri?

The instruments when they're about to graduate
  • Flute: cries at everything. hugs everyone goodbye, even the music stand
  • Oboe: at first they're not that sad, but then it ~hits them~ and they just start sobbing
  • Bassoon: doesn't even notice that its the end of senior year. they're just excited for school to be out
  • Clarinet: strangely sad about their math class being over
  • Saxophone: gives the director the middle finger on their way out the door
  • Trumpet: will not fucking shut up about college
  • Trombone: finds the incoming seniors to make sure they keep the weird section traditions alive
  • Horn: *gross sobbing*
  • Euphonium: frantically trying to not fail english
  • Tuba: reassures school tuba that they love it. hugs tuba.
  • Percussion: pranks the band director
  • Violin: living embodiment of "i'm not crying, you are"
  • Viola: brings director chocolates and heartfelt thank you card
  • Cello: stays late in the orchestra room to soak in the ~aesthetic~
  • Bass: lol bye see ya suckers

I just about blew up when I saw that Lindsey had made a BatB video!  In my opinion, this woman is the best at violin and original songs, and she looks great as both Belle and Mrs. Potts!