A collaboration between FrameDance, composer: Rob McClure and the Axiom Quartet with costumes by Ashley Horn Nott. Commissioned by performed at the Asia Society of Texas. Photographer: Lynn Lane
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  • beginning musician:canon in d is such a beautiful song. I love it! :)
  • intermediate musician:canon in d is starting to get boring, tbh.
  • advanced musician:canon in d is the epitome of all that is wrong with classical music, and is the reason that the majority of the population has a disgusting bias against the entire genre. it has such a boring rhythm, is in a boring key, has very little room for interesting variation in dynamics, the cello part for most of the typical arrangements is literally just half notes, LIKE 8 UFCKING HALF NOTES REPEATED OVER AND OVER. CANON IN D CAN GO DIE IN A HOLE. WHY CAN'T WE LISTEN TO SHOSTAKOVICH MORE? BECAUSE WE'RE BUSY LISTENING TO CANON IN FUCKING D. SEE YOU IN HELL, PACHELBEL.
  • Me when I've practiced scales:Yes I am the embodiment of Mozart. My instrument is just an extension of my arm. Leaping 7 octaves perfectly in tune within a fraction of a second? No problem.
  • Me when I haven't practiced scales:What is a violon? I have not heard of this 440Hz. Why am I holding this stick in my hand? Help.