Sword Art Online Theme: Swordland (Violin Cover) Taylor Davis

anonymous asked:

Your blog is still awesome af -- Could I request England reacting to his s/o playing the violin for him? Or just doing anything art-related for him as gift? Thank you in advance! <3

((*blushies* Thank chu, and no problem “3″))

England-  His mind dreamt of the soothing sound that escaped the wooden beauty. But he was even more enticed as he saw the enchanting artistry that operated the instrument. As your raised your skilled hand, with the bow set and the strings plucked, he could only ever smile so wide. It was such a hard task, to sit still while your  gracious figure played its magic with the instrument, but he’d rather kill than have your concert interrupted. For the sound so sweet, that it almost reminded him of how he used to be.


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