I want to marry her for doing this. 

if u really want to scare ur violinist friends on halloween, just dress up as any the following:

  • a kreutzer etude
  • a paganini caprice (paganini sold his soul to the devil, afterall)
  • any fugue by bach
  • the carl flesch book of death - uh I mean book of scales
  • and finally, the e string
orchestra according to a bassoonist
  • flute:sassy and/or salty, probably caused by amount of runs
  • oboe:angels, family and we love the them
  • english horn:brother, we will fight for you, you are our baes
  • clarinet:always super nice and humble, what soft creatures
  • bassoon:perfect
  • contrabassoon:even more perfect like wow
  • trumpet:small part, big ego
  • trombone:steals our solos and makes fart jokes
  • tuba:like a metal contrabassoon but less cool, still appreciate bc low
  • french horn:best friends, will protect against all odds
  • violin:steals oboe solos and why are there so many??
  • viola:like a violin but less "i was told i was a prodigy from a young age" egos
  • cello:steals our solos but in a good way, we like them
  • double bass:salty creatures who get mad at us when our articulation doesn't match their pizzicatos
  • percussion:you play that bass drUM ONCE MORE