darkcallings asked:

Hey :)

Opening Credits: Can’t Buy Me Love (The Beatles)

Waking Up: Jesus of Suburbia (Green Day) LOOONG SONG

First Day At School: She’s Perfect (Jimmy Eat World)

Falling In Love: Baby, It’s You (The Beatles)

Fight Song: Tidal Wave (Owl City)

Breaking Up: Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Iron and Wine)

Life’s OK: Butterfly (Weezer)

Getting Back Together: No Sound But the Wind (Editors)

Wedding: Apologize (One Republic)

Birth of Child: It’s Beginning to Get to Me (Snow Patrol)

Final Battle: Given Up (Linkin Park)

Death Scene: Defying Gravity (Wicked Broadway Cast) ahhahahaha

Funeral Song: Do What You Want (Guster)

End Credits: Hello Seatle Remix (Owl City)

darkcallings asked:

im just wonder where you found out about the 9 teens dead today. Is it really true?

haha if you’re talking about my tumblr post on thg avid readers; that was a joke. there were new clips today, and the fandom went crazy!