Future AU: Luke and Violet

They had been dating for over five years when the subject of making things permanent first came up.  At that point it seemed almost like the most natural thing that they would get married - Luke, personally, couldn’t imagine a future where they were apart, so it made sense to make things official.  He had been nervous when first asking Violet, but reassured when she agreed.  Luke was all for getting married in a quite ceremony - frankly he didn’t want to invite either of their biological dads, but he supposed that if Violet really wanted to then they could invite the gods.

| No Welcome Back? |

Annabeth approached the cabin, feeling slightly annoyed that she has to do this. Knocking on the door she called for the one person she really did not want to see since her return home, even if she was gone for a week or so. “Violet!” She called. “Open up!”

Main Group || { Miserable Is My Middle Name } || Closed RP

I’m sorry.

The nightmare pulled Theo back to reality, causing him to wake up with a jolt. Gods, that was not fun at all. His body shuddered in response. The boy automatically looked around, but what he seek was not there. Not anymore.

With a glum look on his face, he walked slowly to the ladies’ part of the cabin, glancing at the empty bed that once belong to Raven Parker. His soulmate in every way. It was clean because he cleaned it, collecting every piece of her that he could find for his trophy; his memento of that girl he loved so much. A trickle of tears fall down to his hollow cheek as he climbed to her mattress, curling up like a ball. Then he sobbed again, for the fourth time of the day.

It was unbearable. Only after a week (or two, Theo was bad with time after all), the boy was falling apart from his loss of lover. He wanted to ask around, maybe talk to his sibling, but he couldn’t get out from his own room. He only walked to the dining pavilion and back each meal time, then that’s it. His stubble had grown to a beard, his weight was diminishing each day, even his sanity was not exactly there anymore. Theo never talked to anyone after Raven left him, which made him antisocial to the maximum extent.

He kept on crying until he heard the dinner horn. The son of Dionysus wept his tears, didn’t bother to change his shirt as he walked towards his own table. He pick a bunch of grapes and his goblet, whispering for water. That’s all he could digest ever since she was gone. Then, his silent state began; eating alone, ignoring the glare that everyone was giving at him.


It’s been a day after her fight with Luke and she was still shattered. Her boyfriend wasn’t around to comfort her and she would rather not tell Jon or Grover about what happened, knowing it would cause a bigger fight. She sat underneath her favorite tree by the lake and watched the sun’s rays dance upon the water. Things weren’t going to get better, she knew that for a fact. Why did she have to attack Violet? Well she knew why, but regrets it now.. More so because it hurt Luke, her brother and best friend. Maybe she was meant to be cruel and rude to everyone that she loved and maybe she should just disappear forever. Yes, that sounds like a good plan. A shadow cast over her and she looked up and saw Violet standing over her. “ Can I help you?” She asked, her voice sore from crying and yelling so much. 

Mission Statement||Closed RP||Main Verse

Beep. Beep. Beep.

                               "What was that….?“

                                                                  "It’s your life, boy.”

The dark hooded figure loomed over Theo’s shadow on that open field. Was is Asphodel? It was hard to figure out. Gulping his fears, the son of Dionysus tried to look brave, but he failed when the being growled. Was it a monster or a god, he didn’t know. All the boy knew was, that figure was up to no good. And speaking of Asphodel…

                                                      …. Was Theo dead?

“You’re not dead.”

He jumped a little when the figure spoke again; he didn’t expect that fact, to be honest. The opening was eerie and dark, with no stars in the sky and humid weather to match the horror. “Then what am I doing here?” He urged himself to ask, hands clenching so he could take whatever the other said next. But the other just chuckled instead.

                                  “That’s for you to find out.”


                                 "Try asking the Hades’ children.”

And with that, he jolted awake. The smell was familiar; he’s in a hospital. There’s several people watched over him: doctors? Nurses? But he must admit one looked familiar. “Raven? Iz?” He tried to make it out, but his eyes were still fuzzy from waking up. There’s bandages on his head, a fresh one. Not from his previous quest.

“What the hell happened?”

Peace Offerings- Annabeth||Violet

Annabeth wasn’t one to apologize for things that she did. Mostly because she thought everything she did was the right thing to do. But this time she felt guilty. Causing so much pain and sadness was something she couldn’t stand to be the source of. So that day she made her way to the kitchens and tried her best to make cupcakes for one person who she thought deserved them the most. After about three or four tries- baking was definitely not her muse- her cupcakes finally came out decent and she iced them as best as she could before heading over to the Dionysus cabin.

Inhaling deeply she knocked on the door until she saw Violet’s face and bit on her cheek hard to choke out the apology. “I uh -” She took another breath, not really enjoying what she was doing. “I came to apologize for my actions.”


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