Shoes are little prisons for your feet. They can be functional or fashionable, but they are little prisons nonetheless. Five fingers are like driving gloves: they connect your feet to the earth so you can control your experience better.

I can use my toes and have protection from sharp things, not unlike the Romans and their sandals that stopped at the ball of the foot.

I feel rocks. I feel soft pine needles. I feel cool mud, thorny blackberry brambles and soft, springy grass.

The hike we took while camping took us on an out and back up a mountainous riverbank with lots of granite and clay rock intermingled with old growth and ferns (pictures will trickle onto my blog in the following weeks.)

On our way down I commented that I was so glad I wore these instead of my Merrells. My legs were lacking the burning sensation of overworked muscles and the tactile sensation was spectacular. A few minutes later I stubbed my pinkie toe on a rock and bent it backward. I screamed in pain and did a little dance and kept walking. It bothered me for less than five minutes, then felt, strangely, amazingly good. The pain did not return.

The style I wear was designed primarily as a water shoe, so my feet get wet. I was washing the egg-poaching pan and got some of that yummy water on my toes.

I buy toesocks from REI that are made for running. They help cut down on the stinkiness (I have to wash them 2-8 times a month) and make for coziness on chilly or wet days.

Everytime I hike in them I get flowers stuck in my toes. This makes me smile.

They’re not for everybody, but I want to be a dirty old hippie when I grow up. These shoes are great for me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my testimonial. This is a one-sided sample of conversations I have with strangers when out and about. :)

I kind of feel proud of my writing and am glad it's getting a good response

goodybrains replied to your post: Please be nice.

I loved the piece and I’m glad to get to learn more about you Wendy

Thank you! I’m glad you liked it and that it helped you know me better :)

violetsiva replied to your post: Please be nice.

I wish I could leave a comment on that post, but I don’t have an account with any of those sites (sad face). I just wanted to let you know that I thought it was an excellent piece and that I enjoyed reading it.

Thank you. I’m so glad.

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Missing you...

After thinking about Leesa (shortsandstockings), I started thinking about others that have left the Tumblr world. Here is a short list of those I miss most:

Mark (piratescove)
Beka (Bekaboo)
Elle (Elleyeah56)
Nev (badlucklucy)
Katherine (violetsiva)
Ash (sawdustanddaisies)

Hope I didn’t leave any out.  There are some that still are around but just don’t post as much as they used to…I wish they would come back too.

VIOLETSIVA! I know where I can get Santa pants filled with yogurt-covered pretzels! My only question: Santa, how do you fill your pants with so many yogurt-covered pretzels?

 violetsiva replied to your post:  pthreee replied to your post: truthful tuesday I…

WTF, I didn’t realize this was about me. People always think I’m annoyed with them even when I WRITE AN ENTIRE POST ABOUT HELPING THEM ASSEMBLE FURNITURE *sigh*

p3 and i bond over self-deprecation and our love of you. the creepiest kind of love. i promise. and i would assemble furniture and leave it on your doorstep any day. possibly with myself hidden within it like some sort of trojan ottoman