Shoes are little prisons for your feet. They can be functional or fashionable, but they are little prisons nonetheless. Five fingers are like driving gloves: they connect your feet to the earth so you can control your experience better.

I can use my toes and have protection from sharp things, not unlike the Romans and their sandals that stopped at the ball of the foot.

I feel rocks. I feel soft pine needles. I feel cool mud, thorny blackberry brambles and soft, springy grass.

The hike we took while camping took us on an out and back up a mountainous riverbank with lots of granite and clay rock intermingled with old growth and ferns (pictures will trickle onto my blog in the following weeks.)

On our way down I commented that I was so glad I wore these instead of my Merrells. My legs were lacking the burning sensation of overworked muscles and the tactile sensation was spectacular. A few minutes later I stubbed my pinkie toe on a rock and bent it backward. I screamed in pain and did a little dance and kept walking. It bothered me for less than five minutes, then felt, strangely, amazingly good. The pain did not return.

The style I wear was designed primarily as a water shoe, so my feet get wet. I was washing the egg-poaching pan and got some of that yummy water on my toes.

I buy toesocks from REI that are made for running. They help cut down on the stinkiness (I have to wash them 2-8 times a month) and make for coziness on chilly or wet days.

Everytime I hike in them I get flowers stuck in my toes. This makes me smile.

They’re not for everybody, but I want to be a dirty old hippie when I grow up. These shoes are great for me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my testimonial. This is a one-sided sample of conversations I have with strangers when out and about. :)

I kind of feel proud of my writing and am glad it's getting a good response

goodybrains replied to your post: Please be nice.

I loved the piece and I’m glad to get to learn more about you Wendy

Thank you! I’m glad you liked it and that it helped you know me better :)

violetsiva replied to your post: Please be nice.

I wish I could leave a comment on that post, but I don’t have an account with any of those sites (sad face). I just wanted to let you know that I thought it was an excellent piece and that I enjoyed reading it.

Thank you. I’m so glad.

If you missed it, check this post please

Missing you...

After thinking about Leesa (shortsandstockings), I started thinking about others that have left the Tumblr world. Here is a short list of those I miss most:

Mark (piratescove)
Beka (Bekaboo)
Elle (Elleyeah56)
Nev (badlucklucy)
Katherine (violetsiva)
Ash (sawdustanddaisies)

Hope I didn’t leave any out.  There are some that still are around but just don’t post as much as they used to…I wish they would come back too.

VIOLETSIVA! I know where I can get Santa pants filled with yogurt-covered pretzels! My only question: Santa, how do you fill your pants with so many yogurt-covered pretzels?

I love when you give me your feedback!

violetsiva replied to your post: The Human Centipede??

Them. The one with the guy in the hoodie on the cover, not the giant ant or whatever. And it’s got subtitles if you hate that shit.

I love that movie. And it genuinely scared the shit out of me. And subtitles don’t bother me at all. I’m deaf in one ear so I have to use them all the time anyway.


answered your



The Human Centipede??

Sure, watch that one. It may make you feel nauseous. My personal favorite horror movie is, The Descent

The Descent is one of my favorites also. Have you seen the second one? I don’t think its as good as the first but it has its moments.

cannibalqueenn answered your question: The Human Centipede??

It’s totally worth watching, but not super gory. The second one is WAY WAY gorier. I thought they were both entertaining though.

Every time I was in the mood to watch a scary movie I would go to your list that you had on your old blog and pick one out. I still haven’t seen Martyrs though.

randomkeith answered your question: The Human Centipede??

It’s a movie that will not leave you feeling good.. it’s kind of like watching the movie SE7EN only with bad actors (I’ve seen it twice)

I think I’m going to put off on watching it tonight then. I already feel a bit nauseous. Thank you :)