Preference idea: How you first met them, and their first impressions of you.

Author: Violet

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Jughead: Believe it or not, it all started out with a confrontation. You were new to the school and you automatically found a friend in a preppy girl called Betty Cooper. She was acting as you tour guide for the morbid school. In the common room you locked eyes with a boy who looked like he has had enough of the day already, even though it had just started. He kept giving me dirty looks, like he knew everything about me.

“Whats your problem?” I ask, very clearly annoyed by the glares.

It caught him totally off guard.

“Jughead, play nice.” Betty warns.

The boy just rolled his eyes and looked off to the side. 

“What an asshole.” you thought to yourself, not knowing that he would be the man you one day marry. 

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Archie: Another high school rager. Music pumping, practically makig the walls of the small yellow house shake. You had heard that there was a house party on, and your cousin who went to the school dragged you along to join. You weren’t one to party, being more focused on out of school activities left you with no room in your day to be a regular teen. Walking through the sea of people was uncomfortable to say the least, but one person did catch you eye. A tall red-head, dancing like nobody was watching.

In truth everyone was watching, and laughing.

He looks over at you and squints, trying to figure out who you were.

“Hey did you fall from heaven?” he asks trying to turn he’s drunken slur into a smooth pick up line.

“Dont even go there buddy.” you reply, laughing at his effort.

“No, like you’re really hot.” he insistes, flashing this beautiful smile that captivated you instantly. 

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Veronica: Everyone was talking about the new girl. New people were always interesting because of the small town mindset, nearly all of the kids were ones that had gone through school with you for your entire school career. There were no strangers. 

This mysterious dark haired girl walked up to our group. Cheryl Blossoms signiture lip colour plastered on her own lips, which everyone knew that was gonna be a problem. 

“Im Veronica Lodge.” She intorduced herself cool, calm and collected. 

Everyone was staring at her because she was drop dead gorgous.

“Hi! Im Betty Cooper!” Betty chirped, being her apple pie, all american girl self.

After accepting Betty’s embrace she looks over at you, thick eyelashes making her look all the more seductive.

“And you are?” she directs at you.

“y/n, y/n y/l/n.” 

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Betty: Aunt Maries wedding day was a shit show before it even began. The only thing that kept you going through was the pretty blonde girl who was wearing the ugliest dress. She had barely even said anything the whole time, her face was pretty much was telling of how everyone was feeling at the time. Bored. Mindlessly bored.

“Betty look more excited, please.” Her mother says, nudging thgirl.

The girl looks over at me.

“Are you enjoying this?” she asks bluntly.

I shake my head fast in response. At this current point in time, i was jelous of Jason Blossom.

‘We’re going to get a milkshake.” she said walking briskly away from her mother, grabbing my hand and leading me out the door.

So I did this 4 part vine thing as the modern Four Swords (based off the manga) out of desperate boredom. I just figured I’d post the first one for.. Truly no reason. I see it that Vio likes sweets, it’s just a thing to add to his intelligence. He sits, studies, and has sweets. Through his solitude he’s acquired a taste for it. That being said, one would imagine with so many sweets around, his brothers would go searching when he wasn’t home.