That one on the horse was way cooler in my head but I got tired and bored so have some quick and dirty Anna Camp. (I never knew how much I wanted to say those words until just now.) This exists because I decided there needed to be more pictures of Anna Camp so I drew some pictures of a woman who looks vaguely like Anna Camp because I can’t actually art.


All In Fun: Henry X Reader

Requested by anon: Hi! Could you possibly write an imagine where reader is Henry’s older sister and teasing him about liking Violet?

this is adorable

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Granny’s was busier in the afternoon than any other time. Still, you and Henry had decided to get lunch there. You spotted him at a booth and slid in across from him.

“Hey, sorry I’m late.” You took off your jacket bundling it next to you.

He glanced away looking for someone, “It’s fine, I ordered for us.”

You raised your eyebrows, “You okay?”

Quickly he turned back to you, “Yeah I’m good, why?”

“I don’t know, you just seem,” He scanned the restaurant again, “distracted.” You looked around wondering what the big deal was when you had a thought. “Wait, is this about that girl?” you asked.

His eyes went wide, “What? No, what girl?”

You gaped at him, “It is isn’t it? Oh shoot, what’s her name,” shutting your eyes you tried to remember, “It’s like, Vanessa. Or V- Violet!” You opened your eyes to see him turning red.

“Shut up!” He exclaimed.

“Oh you like her,” you said, giggling.

He looked around nervously, “You don’t need to tell everyone.”

“Oh come on its fine,” You grinned, “Just talk to her.” He rolled his eyes but continued to check the door.

“I was gonna talk to her today,” his eyes darted towards the clock, “We were gonna meet up here.”

You leaned towards him, “Hey it’s still early, she’ll come.” Instead of trying to convince him you switch focus, “She’s from the whole ‘Arthur round table’ stuff, right?”

He furrowed his eyebrows, “Yeah, why?”

“You should take her to a renaissance faire!” You suggested, “You guys could go in costume, buy a turkey leg, it’d be great,” He looked away to hide the redness in his cheeks.

“I don’t know,” he scratched his head. He was embarrassed, for one. It was going to take a lot for him to talk to you. You thought of the possible things to pester him about when a bell rang. Your eyes followed the sound to the door, where Violet was standing. She scanned the room until she spotted Henry.

“You might want to stop frowning now,” He followed your gaze and smiled when he saw her.

He turned back to you, “is it okay if I,” he motioned to Violet.

“Sure,” you nodded, “you got this.”